No adverts allowed on Google Glass

17 April 2013

google-glass Developers who are working on Google Glass apps have been told that they will not be allowed to work adverts into them because, presumably, it makes a huge difference if an ad is near your eyes or not.

The newly-published t&cs also prohibit companies charging for apps, which is actually rather good news.

As we wrote yesterday, the goggles will have a five megapixel camera and voice-activated controls, and they're being shipped out now. There will also be a bone conduction transducer which basically allows users to hear audio without the need for headphones as the sound is transferred through your skull.

Weird and fancy.

Of course, there's no word on what our personal privacy will be like as yet (something that has irked privacy groups) so what data will be picked up as we roam around is unclear. That said, while these glasses seem slightly more intrusive, they're effectively a normal smartphone stuck on the front of your head.

That said, it didn't stop one campaigning group - called Stop The Cyborgs - from shrieking: "We want people to actively set social and physical bounds around the use of technologies and not just fatalistically accept the direction technology is heading in," adding hysterically that these glasses could be "the most controversial device in history".

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  • Zleet
    Why is it whenever a new technology comes out the tinfoil hat brigade claim its one step closer to skynet. It's a fucking screen at your eyeball not a mind reading device. Google really doesn't give a shit about your pervy thoughts, they already know your search history. These new luddites like 'stop the cyborgs' fearful of technology can stay in their Amish like mindset while twenty years from now I'm striding around in my shiny new immortal Android body doing the tears in rain soliloquy from Blade Runner.
  • Mark H.
    @ Zleet So you can see no privacy issues with someone strapping a video camera to their head which records everything they see? With a smartphone you know when someone is taking a picture or video as they are holding it out in front of them. Not so with these Google Glasses. I suspect they will be another big Google failure anyway so it shouldn't be an issue.
  • Seymour
    Who the fuck do they think are going to make the apps for Google glasses when the developers cannot make money by selling them OR advertising them?

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