Nissan smartwatch links car up with driver like crap sci-fi film

10 September 2013

Nissan_Smartwatch Nissan have unveiled the Nismo smartwatch, which is taking steps to connect humans to their vehicles.

The watch is designed for drivers of the various Nissan Nismos... but what does it do?

Well, using a Bluetooth low-energy connection, the watch gathers data from the car, including speed, efficiency information, fuel consumption and all that. Nissan says the telemetry data will then show drivers their track performance.

It'll also monitor driver health, such as heart rate and all that jive.

You'll be able to charge it through a Micro-USB port and Nissan reckon the battery will last for a week. In the future, these Nissan watches may include technology about electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms and monitor your skin temperature.

Just what you need when you're driving to work, farting along to your Michael McDonald CDs.


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  • Grammar N.
    Waste of time, - speed is (obviously) already shown on the dashboard and things like MPG etc are usually also shown on most cars these days. As for the heart rate stuff, who is going to be looking at that while they are driving?
  • shiftynifty
    Another....buying shit that I do not really need thread
  • The C.
    I love you shiftynifty
  • fibbingarchie
    I really need thread, must buy some.
  • Paul C.
    @Grammar Nazi "....things like MPG etc., are usually" A shame to your name.

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