Nintendo unveils 3DS handheld console


Games consoles are getting as weird as I'd hoped when I was younger. As much as I love(d) Jet Set Willy, the thrill of seeing the (then) ultra realistic graphics of Pitfighter thrilled me to the marrow. I imagined a future filled with games with ace graphics and mad hologram headsets.

Consoles went even weirder with the EyeCam, which in turn, paved the way for motion sensitive controllers. Much better than the shitty bazuka Menacer for the Mega Drive which seemingly fired shots at the TV next door regardless of where you aimed the blasted thing.

And so, to the latest insane development.

As previously reported, Nintendo have a 3D console coming out, which they unveiled in Vegas... and it looks really bloody good. It is called the 3DS and has the familiar Game & Watch-esque screens... however, these rascally pair can display 3D images that can be seen without using special glasses.

Better news is that they're not going to dangle a carrot at us for years, preferring to get the thing on the market in late 2010 (aka Just In Time For Christmas), according to the Beeb.

Nintendo said several 3DS titles were in development including DJ Hero 3D, Saints Row: Drive-By, Resident Evil Revelations, Batman, Assassin's Creed Lost Legacy, Metal Gear Solid and apparently, a new version of Starfox.

This looks immense!

Have a look at some bozos fiddling around with it and not paying any attention to the attractive women shoving their busters in their faces.


  • Milky
    Proof enough that Nintendo is for pre-pubescent boys! A bevy of good looking ladies in stretchy tops.... no let's zone in on the crap they're holding.
  • F. F.
    so, it's 3D as in 3D (depth) we've had for years?
  • ASCii
    @F Finger The top screen has full 3d. Like what you get at the cinema with specs - but no need for specs! I want one of these things so badly, I think it's going to be another game changer from Nintendo if they can price it right like they did with the Wii.
  • Jonasse
    I bet if the ladies were naked the geeks would still be interested in the DS.
  • F. F.
    It looked like the 3D element was within the screen rather than jumping out? Anyway, he should have been concerntrating on bagging one of those hotties...
  • Matt
    What's with the enormous data cable hanging out of the back of them all? Lol
  • bobbbby
    Remember that the camera's aren't going to pick the 3D effect up
  • Eh
    @F Finger Are you serious? You're presumably watching a video taken by a normal camera on a normal screen of a visual effect that is only supposed to work if viewed with binocular vision form the right angle. It will have both 3D within the screen and the sticky out element. Can you not perceive how the things supposedly in the foreground clearly have two outlines like at the cinema?
  • Gunn
    So they achieve this effect by having 2 screens side by side, I do wonder though what the downsides are (if any), is it like some other 3d systems where you have to look directly at the screen in order to see the effect. How will battery life be affected, if they have increased the processing power, resolution and an extra screen.
  • Ben
    Look at him playing Metroid, he wouldn't even care if she touched his stylus,
  • Sideysid
    I bought a 3D holographic dinosaur school rulers from the national history museum back in 1986 that looks a simlar effect to this. Apart from being uber cool, I didn't like people scratching the ridges on it though as the sound gave me goosebumps.
  • Gob
    I want that Mario T Shirt the guy at the start of the video was wearing. Also I wonder how many people there did the "Do you come with the 3DS?" line?
  • Howard M.
    @Gob I don't know but the comments on Kotaku are full of 'forget the console, I'll take the girls, hurhurhurhur'
  • MrRobin
    @Gunn: The BBC site says that the 3D is only visible whilst looking at the screen directly, you won't be able to see it from an angle. I imagine that the power draw would be higher than a normal DS but then battery technology has moven on too so the battery capacity will be higher too.
  • Derek
    is DS an anagram of 3D??
  • F. F.
    All I was saying is this video is a bit like the shit Sony "Do not adjust your set". Whats the point in watching it other than for the flange?
  • Amanda H.
    They were worried the 3d effect was crap, so they employed fit birds with tight tops to distract the punters. It worked. Microsoft will have to get Megan Fox naked and bent over for kinects show to be a success.
  • zeddy
    Phhwooaaarr! 3-D TITS! Oh, wait my missus (if I had one) has those too. When does Tit-wank come out for the DS?
  • Norris
    Attractive girls aside, it's still pretty impressive stuff. As far as I know Microsoft doesn't yet have a competing service for the xbox 360 so this could steal a lead for Sony. Also, you need to remember that although this was pitching the PS3 3D games the playstation is ready for the new 3D blu-ray specification as well... so just like Sony's PS2 pushed DVD into the house, and the PS3 helped win the battle for Blu-ray, well this might just push 3D TVs on to the general consumer and make them a worthwhile investment. If so that's no mean feat considering we're still in a recession!
  • Jayna A.
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