Nintendo 3DS price now below £120

11 August 2011

nintendo-3dsThere was a lot of excitement surrounding the launch of the Nintendo 3DS.

And what's not to be thrilled about?! A genuine 3D gaming device! That's mindblowing considering the fact that, not that long ago, video games had worse graphics that Teletext's Bamboozle game. However, the response to the handheld console has obviously not been as great as expected (invariably thanks to various financial woes befalling the world - and the 3D induced headaches don't help) which has seen the price drop dramatically.

And so, a price war has broken out with everyone trying to undercut each other. Now that Nintendo have slashed the price, Tesco are now selling the device for a paltry £115 while Morrisons will be flogging them for £120 with games going for £25. GameStop UK are selling 3DS's for £135.

That's nearly as low in price as a DS Lite. If you've got the spare cash, now's the time to bag a Nintendo 3DS. Just remember to remove your eyes first.


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  • The B.
    Ninetendo? It's just gone to pot since Paul resigned hasn't it?
  • Ace
    I feel violated by nintendo - anally raped to be exact! Fuck 20 free games, they've sold me an overpriced console whos main feature (3D) doesn't even work properly or consistently. Got it at £175 quid on special price on release day and yet still feel pissed off with the sudden drop! to those that paid full whack it's a disgrace! Fuck nintendo, Wii was shit and gathers dust and 3DS is shit! FUCK EM' FUCK EM' FUCK EM' FUCK EM' FUCK EM' FUCK EM' FUCK EM'
  • Goity
    I've got to admit, this does feel like rape, having had one of these since launch day and having had nothing to play on it.
  • br04dyz
    raped by Mario....what a horrifying image.
  • Damien
    I do feel sorry for any one who bought it on release, but if you looked at the game library before release and/or played one at a convention etc, you could kind have seen this coming. I waited for a bit 'cause there were so many things I wasn't convinced by.
  • hi h.
    i used to love nintendo, i had an n64 and thought it was great. Since then I have felt raped, 1st by the gamecube, then by the wii and now by 3ds, yes, fuck u nintendo, cheap gimmicky shite with large profit margins, i never thought id say this but im trading in ALL my nintendo stuff for a playstation vita. Wii U will be the same, they wont have multi touch sceen because it will cost them more, I want a console I can show off not a discount bargin bin box of cheap bullshit, rant over and oh yeah FUCK YOU NINTENDO!!!!

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