NIMBY mob hound Google out of village

The people are fighting back against Google Street View as residents of sleepy Broughton in Buckinghamshire formed a human pyramid chain to block the progress of a Street View car yesterday.

The residents are worried that burglars will use Street View to check out potential targets from the comfort of their homes instead of on foot or in a car.

Local resident Paul Jacobs said "We've already had three burglaries locally in the past six weeks. If our houses are plastered all over Google it's an invitation for more criminals to strike."

Three in six weeks? Jesus – round where I live there’s been three while I’ve been writing this.

The Google car eventually turned on its heels and scarpered but while the stand-off was playing itself out, a gang of burglars entered from the other end of the village and ransacked nine houses.

Okay they didn’t, but you’d laugh if they did wouldn’t you? You would? You sick bastards.


  • doober
  • MikeBeaver
    I would, I would laugh out loud all day long, well, until the old bill realised it was me that had robbed the places :)
  • Cal
    So in order to fight burglary, they all left their houses...
  • Martin
    I hope google photographed them and will put it online.
  • Martin
    And maybe they should remove the village from google maps. If the postcode is entered there could just be a black square with SHIT HOLE written across it. It's time for large multi-national corporations to fight back against these pathetic nimbys.
  • Miles
    Seems pretty reasonable they'd want to keep their privacy under wraps... What little we have left we should try and protect
  • sgandtg
    I hope that Paul Jacobs from Broughton is ex-directory. Otherwise he's about to get loads of calls. And if he's on the voters roll, well, even better. What an arse. What about others in Broughton who actually don't mind, or even want, to appear on street maps? Have they to miss out because of the actions of some others?
  • sb
    Seems like the village of Broughton in Buckinghamshire must have a load of houses worth robbing. If I was a criminal I'd get down there as soon as possible. idiots.
  • SimbaK2K
    What a crock of shite. Its people like this that get on my nerves as they have no understanding of a) technology and b) common sense. The sooner they're burgled/shot the better. The UK has too many namby pambys as it is.
  • ranbir
    What a dick so all the recent press and TV vans haven't drawn even more attention to the area! Get yourself a day job! Hopefully you may be next to get burgled!!!
  • Bullet
    Wish they would let us know when they were coming around , so I could stand bollock naked outside my front door. "How do you like those Apples" (nuts)
  • oliverreed
    Inbred fuckers, lucky it didn't turn in another Waco Texas... They have something to hide....
  • Paul
    I've heard they're building an enormous umbrella to cover the whole of the Broughton to prevent google getting aerial photography of the place. Apparently the umbrella has 'Shithole' written on it in 20m high lettering so Martin will be well pleased when it appears on the GoogleMap satellite imagery!!!
  • Excellent a.
    Good on them, nice to hear of a community successfully resisting a corporation. Looking forward to seeing more resistance in solidarity.
  • Bullet
    Then again they probably have arse blurring technology, damn those nerds.
  • Paul T.
    Somebody has considerately posted some very nice photographs of the village on Flickr. Unfortunately most are over a year old I think, so the newly installed burglar alarms are not shown
  • Ian W.
    Typical Nimbyism. My house et al is as close to the road, if not closer, but there's not enough detail in the view to see that I keep a shedload of Cartier diamonds in my front room. Obviously these guys don't realise that their village is on Google Earth, Live Maps from a Satellite view..
  • John
    Whilst I find them slightly "pussyish", I have to respect their desire for privacy. Its getting more and more invaded by the government, and to now get invaded by a private organisation is a bit much.
  • diane f.
    good on the villagers , i wouldnt like google in my street either ,i like my privacy and respect others
  • bollockchops
    All they need to do is pull their curtains the redneck fuckers, typical villagers think they own the place. If i was in the google car i would have run the fuckers over.
  • Jason
    Saw something about this on the news, who did an interview with Paul Jacobs. The house in the background, presumably his, looked damn nice. A nice neighbourhood by the looks if it.
  • Mick
    Bollockschops They do own the place, it's not a photograph of the public area they are concerned about; rather a photo of their house. It's like CCTV, our movements are recorded without our say so; what is this government about? Of course it will agree to this type of stunt as it has already agreed to it with CCTV usage. PS This IP connection is now logged on the government database, freedom of speech is soon to fall.........
  • Money-off B.
    [...] to launch a new scheme which helps the public to help themselves against burglars. Oddly enough, blockading Google Street View cars isn’t on the [...]

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