Nexus One UK launch 'in April' - moths gear themselves for promotional frenzy

27 February 2010

Bitterwallet -competition! Win a Google Nexus One Although Google are still playing their cards close to their chests and saying that the Nexus One is due for a Spring launch, sources close to the Daily Telegraph say that April is going to be the month when the new smartphone hits the shops in the UK.

As in the United States, the phone will only be available directly from Google with the actual phone-type jiggery-pokery provided by their chosen partners, Vodafone.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph’s report seems to suggest that Google have an intriguing new insect-based strategy when it comes to promoting the Nexus One.

nexus one spell

Yeah, because Bitterwallet REALLY has the high ground when it comes to spelling errors dosen’t it?


  • Tom
    I don't get it have had a nexus one since its launch.
  • rockgeek
    You brought it outright I guess and not with Vodafone
  • Steve
    I don't get it. The Nexus one has been superceeded by several HTC (who made the nexus one for google) phones, all with impoved features. Another example of US companies being too slow getting their products into the more advanced world marketplace with all their oddities of worldwide standards. I still think there's a good chance the USA will screw itself into greed driven oblivion within ten years.
  • PewPewPewLasers
    There is a new phone out almost every day, yet tossers still buy the iPhone. For some reason.
  • Michael G.
    Probably because the iPhone is the most user friendly device out there. Add in iTunes synching and get it jailbroken and its pretty much the perfect phone. I'm tired of all these Apple haters, grow up.
  • Christopher
    Damn those pesky moths, they get everywhere :o(
  • The B.
    I was going to go with Nexus but I think new HTC Android's are better, I can't wait to ditch my piece of crap iPhone 3G, although I suppose I should be grateful that it hasn't locked or crashed in the last 24 hours. The only problem with the HTC Androids are that they're only really available on T-Mobile, and I'd rather use 2 tin cans and a piece of string than get a contract with them.
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I will purchase a Desire and still keep my 3gs. The BEST phones in the WORLD.
  • Jack
    Are the Telegraph fucking brain dead or something. Do they not realise that Google is an advertising giant, with a huge coverage of where they advertise? Word of mouth? WTF They can advertise on all the worlds best know sites, including their own site, also they can pump youtube with videos by giving Youtube partners handsets and making them make promo videos for it.
  • Junkyard
    Looks like the HTC Desire will hit the shops first then. Since it's pretty much the same phone, I'd imagine it'll make quite a big dent in N1 sales. Nice job HTC.
  • charitynjw
    Moths told me I would win the BW Nexus comp. Moths are liars!
  • Nexus O.
    Nexus One will popular in the next month

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