Nexus One on Vodafone from 3rd Feb (or win with Bitterwallet!)

7 January 2010

Haven't entered our Nexus One competition yet? No? You fool. You could win a brand new superphone from Google - it's the most talked about superphone this week! If you want up to three chances to win one, have a read how to here. You've got until Monday, just so you know.

Meanwhile, if you're waiting for the Nexus One to arrive in the UK with a service provider (which should mean subsidised handsets), then it appears there's less than four weeks to wait. According to a comment in the official Nexus One thread on the Vodafone website, the handset becomes available from Wednesday 3rd February. Woop woop!



  • dunfyboy
    So all those aps on the home screen will be replaced with shortcuts for Vodafone Live?
  • Graham
    google might not allow it, look how they're restricting sales to only through the google store and also supporting the handset by themselves and not vodafone.
  • Jerome
    Graham - it will be available through the Google store on a Vodafone contract, just as it is in the U.S. with a T-Mobile contract now. You can see the link on the Google page already, albeit greyed out with "Coming soon to Europe".
  • Graham
    sorry Jermone, I was replying to dunfyboy... not the post. Sorry for not making that clear. I agree with what you say.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Am I right in thinking that this is a HTC handset or did I dream that bit? If it is HTC then no worries about the Vodafone branding, the HTC fanclub will soon find a way to load custom roms on to it.

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