Nexus One arrives at Vodafone, no dates, no pricing... cheers!

12 March 2010

It seems like forever ago that Google launched their Nexus One handset - it's been available through Google themselves since January, but today Vodafone have begun promoting the handset, by announcing... not very much at all:

Bitterwallet - Nexus One on Vodafone

Not only are there no prices for Nexus One tariffs, there's still no release date available (although reports suggest it will be April) - the best you can do is register for further information as and when it's released.

Given that it was common knowledge Vodafone were suppliers for the Nexus One, we have in fact learnt nothing from today's hollering and cheering. And while it must have looked like a must-have for Vodafone at the time, manufacturers HTC are already pushing out better-specced handsets that threaten to leave it standing. Gah.


  • David
    Better specced phones? You mean the Legend with a 600mhz CPU compared to the 1GHz in the N1 and the 320x480 screen compared with the 480x800 in the N1. There's only one other phone that can compete with the N1 and that's the desire, which is essentially the same phone.
  • Adam
    Not to mention the fact that the Desire won't have OTA updates. A big con in my book, after enduring the lack of Android updates on the I7500.
  • Naz
    No He meant the HTC Desire (with built in radio, 1gz CPU) and the HTC Incredible (1ghz underclocked to 768mhz with 8mp camera)
  • Paul S.
    The Desire is a better specced phone for the UK market, isn't it? Lousy in the states with no 3G functionality, but otherwise the spec is *better*: 576MB RAM vs 512MB RAM 8GB microSD card vs 4GB microSD card Improved Bluetooth, improved standby
  • The B.
    It has to be said the Desire is out here in what 2 weeks? Vodafone still haven't set a date for the Nexus, which do you reckon will sell better? The one in stock or the one of stock?
  • dunfyboy
    I was with Vodafone last year and remember their "coming soon" section consisted of just one phone for about 6 months with no details of prices. And I don't mean one phone at a time (that would be bad enough), I mean just one phone. It was so impressive I can't even remember which phone it was.
  • Junkyard
    Paul - the Desire may have a bit more RAM (probably added to cope with HTC's Sense interface) and slightly better battery life, but the Nexus One has a noise cancellation mic, speech recognition and potentially more regular Android updates. There's hardly anything in it between the two devices. You can hardly say that the Desire leaves the Nexus One standing.

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