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20 December 2013

bwbest Best of Bitterwallet

Drink whisky and save the world! bitterwallet/burp
Want a cheap Christmas? Tesco it is. bitterwallet/tesco
Retailers give bad advice on faulty goods. bitterwallet/no good advice
Debenhams are being gits. bitterwallet/less money
Pensioners are all drunks. bitterwallet/bladdered
Starbucks have a dreadful gift card. bitterwallet/starbucks
Near riots ensue thanks to cheap food. bitterwallet/fights

Best of the Rest

Governments are trying to erase huge swathes of the internet. techienews/removal
There are now 400 million active WhatsAppers. zeenews/whatsapp
Instagram users just love the adverts apparently aninews/instagram
Betting company buys a racecourse.  insidermedia/racecourse
Translate your dog into English. designboom/woof
Domestic abuse help and sexual eduction, all blocked under stupid internet modesty bag theage/blocking

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