New Xbox will block second-hand games

8 February 2013

One of the godsends of video games is the chance to buy second-hand games when you need something new to play, but payday is too far away.

Well, if you're looking at the new Xbox, you may have to think twice as reports suggest that pre-owned games will become a thing of the past with the Microsoft console.

It is said that the next-gen Xbox will require gamers to be permanently connected to the internet, which means that you'll have to activate games in the same way as most other software from Microsoft. In short, any game bought would be tied to the console it was activated on and to the Xbox Live account that activated it.

What's weird about that, apart from flagrant greediness, is that you wouldn't even be able to lend games to friends. Second hand games have always been good business for beleaguered video game shops, so if everyone has to buy new games, that'll be even better for them, right? Well, it is also rumoured that this 'always online' aspect of the next Xbox will see Microsoft selling directly to players through downloads, which could cripple gaming shops.

The spec for the new Xbox will reportedly include a Blu-ray drive, AMD eight-core x64 processor running at 1.6GHz, D3D11 x800MHz graphics, 8GB DDR3 RAM and improved Kinect motion control (which no-one has houses big enough for).

It seems unlikely that Microsoft would want to put gamers off, especially given that the PS4 is going to be released around the same time. Are they really that mental?


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  • Me
    Selling downloads wont cripple them, even HMV were cheaper than PSN downloads
  • Frank
    RIP Xbox 720
  • Milky
    Time to give up gaming & go outside again or hop onto the next format to invest in banzaii craziness that will limit console unit sales for those who get way too greedy Billy Gates & board of Sony ...yup really "bored" of sony when having been given a PS! (brand spanking new back in the day) I was told by the sony rep the staggeringly small cost of unit production! may be time to invest in better home cinema & just say sod the console. crass & manipulative move by Microsoft & PS ... both shitheads clearly, after spending hundreds of pounds for 3 new xbox360's which have prematurely failed (yup plenty of air, limited hours use, I find this may be a final nail in the coffin gaming wise, I for one do not wish to have my 360 always online, nor do I wish to pay stupid money for games which turn out to be hyped up rubbish @£30 -£45 a pop. Wanking online to porn may be the solution for idle joystick hands (& fox bumming, don't forget the fox bumming)
  • Reynard
    If Sony don't implement a similar system on the PS4, X720 will be dead on arrival. However I a feeling that might have been sorted at the boardroom level.
  • Jeebus
    It'll last all of 5 minutes as the EU will rape Microsoft yet again. EU have already ruled that digital content can be resold, so making it impossible to play used physical products will effectively be legal suicide.
  • Anthony
    Firstly if this is the case my decision is made. I will be getting the PS4. Secondly this will hammer them in terms of negative word of mouth advertisements just like the 2009 pre MW2 release and their 1 million consoles being banned from live they boasted about with glee which then backlashed as for a brief time people heard 1million banned from live and were worried they will easily get banned for the slightest infraction of any rule and their console would be worthless. And finally such a move will annoy security circumventers who will as a means of voicing their disgust most likely bring out a jailbreak opening the whole console to copied games. These people claiming to be "hackers" are just kids. These people that can actually break into console security are professional security cercumventors do it due to excessive big brother stuff like this.
  • Englebert.Humperdinck
    Same has been said about the PS4 as well so why go solely with the 720? These rumours have been going around for MONTHS and extensively covered over at Dealspwn, your sister site. Reality is its all speculation and odds are the speculation comes from some obsessed fan boys determined to throw out negative propaganda to impact sales No one knows until official specs are out so to speculate about this right now is silly and to speculate it about one console alone is ludicrous...there are NO FACTS right now over this and wont be for quite a while yet still the rumour mill will rumble on Maybe leave it to the experts over at Dealspwn instead
  • shiftynifty
    Get out in the real world.....
  • Trumpletuff
    Microsoft won't be able to enforce this in Europe; it's unlawful under EU regulations.
  • Sicknote
    I also heard that Sony are going to blocking homosexuals from buying the new Playstation 4; sadly that's almost 99% of the customer base - the 1% is grandmothers buying the wrong games console for their grandson for Xmas.
  • Lois T.
    Sicknote. You may be a naughty troll, but you do make me laugh :D
  • Sicknote
    @Lois Ham Al Tone Thanks for the recognition; I try my best. But seriously I am not as funny as the other 2 sicknotes. 1 of 3 is simply vile 2 of 3 is a bloody racist 3 of 3 is me.....
  • Rosco C.
    @ Sicknote Dicknote more like
  • Wongaporkpies
    If they use online activation and block 2nd hand games then they may aswell not even bother putting the console to the open market. Microsoft F U. Hundreds of thousands of people have brought legal copies of games for the X-Box 360, unless you then say bring in your old 360 games and upgrade them to the new X-Box 7twatty for free you are really off ya joystick rocker buttons !
  • Daisy D.
    Well at least that self-absorbed tosser Chewbacca has shut his stupid yap for a while. The site's almost nice again.
  • chewbacca
    @Wongaporkpies Learn the fucking difference between "bought" and "brought". You complete and utter fucking moron. How hard is it? They're completely different words. People like you should be hanged.
  • chewbacca
    @Daisy Whore F O A D That is all.
  • Some G.
    They said this about the PS3 and 360. Less than a month ago this was a PS4 story as Sony actually owns some patents on this kind of thing. It won't happen just like it didn't last time.
  • Sicknote
    @Rosco P Coltrane Ooh, someone needs a nap...
  • tiderium
    all rumour nuff said
  • klingelton
    ever get the feeling xbox are just going round in circles?
  • tcs
    Digital distribution will render this conversation redundant.
  • shakesheadsadly
    Sony won't do this. They tested the "Digital Downloads Only" idea with the PSP Go which was a complete failure. If MS are even considering this then they deserve the disaster they're about to get. People are abandoning consoles in favour of gaming on mobiles and tabs. Why on earth would your give them more reason to do so? The ability to buy 2nd hand games and swap them with your mates is one of the few benefits consoles still have over other formats. shakesheadsadly
  • PCDace
    Why don't you noobs just build a highend micro itx PC and play like real gamers.

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