New Xbox set to ruin your discs?

17 June 2010


Over the years, there's been a lot of complaints surrounding the Xbox. Basically, even the slightest of movements has seen gamers' discs scratched and mangled. In some cases, the console has been known to make a hideous grinding noise, which is never a good sign.

So with the new design being unveiled, with the rubbishly named Kinect, you'd be hoping that this problem may have been rectified.

Well, it seems not.

The new Xbox looks like it will come with a sticker, just like its predecessors, warning users not to move the console while a disc is spinning.

It might not seem like a huge deal, but with the new Kinect motion sensor, you may find that once it is plugged in and you start leaping around like a mad-get, the disc might get bumped around each time your flat feet thud on the floor. Do you really want to be forking out for games you've already paid for once just because of a dodgy piece of kit? If so, you could be treated to a noise like this...



  • Dirty F.
    This has absolutely nothing to do with ipads, iphones, racism, foxes or badgers!
  • Joe
    Not exactly sure what the problem is here. The 360 is not designed to be moved around while in use, unlike say a portable CD player and it's basic common sense to assume that if you do move it then something bad might happen. And if you don't want the floor to damage it, don't put it on the bloody floor. Put it on the TV stand or something. /never had this problem before
  • Andy B.
  • Simon W.
    Sometimes big warning stickers still aren't enough:
  • Grammar N.
    This is a non story, and only affects the retarded minority who feel the need to move the console while it's turned on. This isn't an issue with the 360, rather it's with the fools who own them.
  • Peter F.
    Joe, as stated above (and also on the Reg where this was lifted from) the problem is that once you have kids jumping around using the Kinect what are the chances that your XBox will move? High, one would assume. Joe by name, Joey by nature.
  • Me
    So why didn't you link to the actual video rather than this one? (same as destructoid one but on youtube) Ridiculous. And before anyone accuses me of being a sony fanboy, I have a 360, not a ps3, but I still find it disgusting MS couldn't be bothered to fix this for their new slimline model. Yes, you shouldn't move your console while it's on, but it's a simple fix to prevent this, regardless. Just shows the new model's a waste of money with no real improvements. Wouldn't surprise me if they've 'solved' rrod by just removing the red lights.
  • Ann R.
    wasn't this on watchdog about 2 years ago?
  • Joe
    Peter File: Lovely name for someone concerned about the kiddies. My answer, again, is that if the console is horizontal, on a shelf or TV stand where it's unlikely to be hit with anything or shunted around, it'll be fine. If you leave the console on the floor while the kids use it you deserve everything you get.
  • Milky
    Peterfile, get you drill out find a good solid supported part of the rooms wall to place a shelf onto, to remove / vastly dampen vibrations... Totally agree with Joe, if you put it in a stupid place don't go sobbing / whining when shit happens. (or just yell at the kids that they are undeserving little bastards & theres a recession on) ..simple.
  • yak
    apparently using your game discs as coasters can also cause problems with the discs reading, and they didn't even put a warning sticker on for that never mind cleaning your xbox in a dishwasher, or any other stupid, ridiculous thing only a moron would do in the first place. At least kinetic will give the idiots a scapegoat when they do inevitably start moving the xbox around with the disc in
  • Dirty F.
    I used my xbox 360 as a surf board when I went on holiday and now it doesn't work...
  • Gunn
    does seem a daft move not to include a slot drive with the new revision
  • Lumoruk
    Re: Simon Wicks, I think it was obvious what he was doing he read the label and knew about it's problems and so moved the console rather violently. Is quite scary how much damage is did to the disc though, why can't they use the same system that portable CD players use. Even so I've moved my laptop countless times and it's never scratched any of my discs.
  • Ste
    Ok I own an Xbox360 and a PS3. What I really don't get is why Microsoft have so many apologists, I mean no wonder they get away with design flaw after design flaw if half the Xbox360 community stand up for them when fingers are pointed at them. The new console coincides with the soon to be released Kinect and this is aimed at kids, I agree with the OP kids and adults are going to be jumping all over. I've already experienced a scratched disc when my brother knocked over the Xbox360 by tugging on the wired controller so to say it's not a problem is damn right obsurd. Mark my words once kids start jumping around the room and you get complaint after complaint about scratched disks, we'll probably see another case brought against Microsoft and they'll probably fix the issue once enough people complain or have issues. This is yet another design flaw, in this day and age you really can't find an excuse for this and I don't understand why people are finding excuses. Microsoft have far to many apologists, I am not a Microsoft fan boy I am a GAMER and I have been for over 20 years. I lost faith in Microsoft when 2 of my Xbox360's had the red lights of death (yes yet another design flaw) and have been happy with my PS3 ever since. You will notice that Microsoft are only offering a 1 year warranty with the new slim consoles, is this acceptable given Microsofts track record? How can people trust Microsoft after the last fiasco? People are drooling already at the prospect of a 'new improved console', a console that has integrated wireless receiver and a slightly modified chip set. I would say 5 years too late wouldn't you? What will people be trading in? Perfectly fine Xbox 360 Elites and Premiums no doubt! I personally don't believe in those 5 years I should have gone through 2 consoles, I barely play my 3rd as I have simply lost faith in Microsoft and don't trust the console to last unlike my PS3, I certainly won't be buying the slim model until I see some proof that the many issues with the console have been fixed. For me the PS3 is a far better machine, yes it costs more but in those 5 years i've only had 1 PS3 and still have to this day! Unlike Microsoft I have full faith in Sony as they don't cut corners when it comes to developing a console, yes you pay more for a Sony product but you can guarantee it will outlast anything Microsoft could offer. What's saddened me the most this week is the unveiling of Kinect. This for me could well be the beginning of the end for video gaming as we know it. I fear that the introduction of Kinect could be a preview of what's to come, personally I don't want to dance around my living room or drive an invisible car. I know this is aimed at kids and that's fine, my hat is off to them because it's a great thing for kids but when it gets to the stage when you are playing Halo or Gears of War by jumping across the room and firing invisible pistols I will quit modern gaming and stick with retro gaming. It's going to happen sooner or later, they want to get more life out of the console and from a business point of view that's a great strategy but if this is the future of gaming I don't want to be part of it. This is coming from a former Microsoft follower who's purchased product after product and supported them since the original Xbox by the way. If Microsoft aren't careful they are going to alienate the audience that helped make them what they are today in the video game industry.
  • Dirty F.
    @Ste - you need to get out more
  • Morocco
    Nintendo made a page of instructions telling people not to do stupid things with the Wii, look: Microsoft are obviously too lazy to do likewise.
  • Retarded b.
    Nice find morocco, it just go's to show the fuckwittery of people, simple common sense where the fuck has it gone! Of course you are at risk of damaging your xbox if it topples over through some bollockless kid wrenching it over in a fit of gamer-pique, fuck me dairycrest owe me a new telly, it never said not to open the 2 litre plastic bottle & lie it on it's side on top of very expensive plasma telly, they never wrote on the side the damage it could cause to electronics, nor the law / cause & effect of gravity. Surely then that must be dairy crests fault! i'm gonna sue. (on the plus side though the sour milk smell masks the odour of non-washing girlfriendless gamer twats!
  • TH1882FC
    are people really missing the point that kinnect involves leaping around like an epileptic salmon.
  • mark M.
    And so it comes to article about gaming brings out the stereotypes. Seems quite funny really as most people are posting on a blog; Mr Pot, may I introduce Mr Kettle? The main issue is that MS knew this was a problem and have done nothing to rectify it. Build quality and reliability of the 360s is woeful and people stick with them out of bloody-mindedness. I have had 3 before switching over to PS3 and my brother is on his 5th! If portable DVD players, in-car DVDs etc have shock protection, then how hard can it be here?
  • Me
    TH1882FC - there's that and the fact that MS copuldn't be bothered to implement a fix as simple as this: Would that really have bumped up the production costs THAT much? So much for new and improved.
  • -]
    Quite sad that MS haven't sorted this out, after all these years. a 3pence piece of foam that is pretty standard on all optical drives is all it takes to rectify it, but as someone above says, the MS apologists are like wasps. Never MS' fault, even when they fail to implement the same safety precautions every other manufacturer manages to,
  • Avid f.
    @ Simon Wicks Will there ever be a storyline returning you to Eastenders now you've blown all your cash on whippet racing?
  • Josh
    Dirty Fox, you need to get out more. Anyway, who's going to play games from their disc when you have to 250GB hard drive? Think people are trying to nit pick already.
  • Jack
    lol it sounds like a fucking washing machine
  • JImbo
    what a joke. im a careful person with no kids or pets.. but what if i have an accident and nudge the box too hard? it costs me a £40 game? mental, ps3 slim here i come..
  • Tina W.
    There is always some prick that has to moan about bloody EVERY other people have said only Knobs would move the thing around when its on, my Son has never had any problems with stuff like that. every one likes different gaming, just because you don't like the Xbox there is no need to slag it off, every thing has its faults and weak points.....sorry lads....and GROWN MEN nothing is perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!

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