New Wi-Fi innovation to make things easy

16 October 2009

laptopIf you're a complete luddite like me, then connecting to the internet in any way shape or form is something of a miracle. When I'm out and about, the whole process becomes even more irritating as I am reminded time and time again of my complete absence of rudimentary skills.

However, the whole world of wi-fi is to become easier, say reports, thanks to a big ol' technology upgrade.

The Wi-Fi Alliance (which sounds like a team of rubbish pilots from Star Wars) talk of a new specification called Wi-Fi Direct which will allow wi-fi devices like phones and laptops connect to each another without joining a traditional network.

This should be happening as soon as next summer and, if you have a device that doesn't have Wi-Fi Direct, then apparently, you'll be able to upgrade through a software download.

The Wi-Fi Alliance's marketing director, Kelly Davis-Felner, told BBC News: "This is going to be a quick and convenient way to use wi-fi in future to print, synch, share and display. The consumer is going to experience this as a very easy-to-use mechanism that will be quite seamless."

Wi-Fi direct will search for hotspots for your phone or laptop and will enable devices to connect from a home or workplace. Of course, this would make Bluetooth pretty pointless to anyone who has a swank wi-fi phone. You could argue that this could do away with the need to use wi-fi routers at all in some places.

The Wi-Fi Alliance members include Intel, Apple and Cisco... the latter being the guy who did The Thong Song obviously.

Anyway, anything that makes it easier to get online is a good thing if you ask me (which you didn't, I'm aware of that).



  • In f.
    I'm a big fan of Wireless Fidelity. It rocks my world, and that world, my friends, has just got a little smaller. Can't wait for this shizzle to be nizzle.
  • Gunn
    I'd always imagined internet would just become another utility like gas and electric. So look forward to price hikes and pushy salesman.
  • Lumoruk
    Yesterdays news
  • Jeffrey A.
    What, like, this hasn't existed since the dawn of time in the form of ad-hoc wifi connections? This release should say something like 'we're making it more obvious to simpletons how to do this by making a nice friendly colourful big button' - it's not really a 'new innovation'.
  • Late
    "The Wi-Fi Alliance (which sounds like a team of rubbish pilots from Star Wars)" Nah, that'd be the Why Fly Alliance.
  • NobbyB
    > The Wi-Fi Alliance (which sounds like a team of rubbish pilots from Star Wars) Say it like a European (Wee-Fee Alliance) and it sounds like a team trying to get you to pay to take a piss.
  • charitynjw
    > Jeffrey Archer What have you got against us simpletons, anyway oooooohhhh, lovely big shiny red button wonder what it does? Self-destruct in three seconds?? What the f...................................................................
  • In f.
    @Jeffrey Archer I think you'll find that computers have only been around since last century. I don't believe that Wi-Fi connections, ad-hoc or other, existed prior to the late 90s. Thanks for coming.
  • Jeffrey A.
    Well, that depends on your definition of a 'computer' Technically, brains are 'computers', therefore you are wrong, they have been around since the dawn of time. Thanks for coming.
  • iCock
    @In your face Archer is, as usual, clutching at straws with his butt-cheeks. People only started referring to brains as computers after computers were invented and compared to brains. The brain was obviously around before then, but that doesn't make his argument any less of a bag of tripe. Nice try Archer. Next time, don't bother. Thanks for coming.
  • Burma B.
    Del Sundet

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