New version of Sony's PS Vita announced

9 September 2013

ps vita Sony has unveiled a new version of their PS Vita consoles at the Tokyo Game Show and they're aiming it at 'casual gamers'. The new handheld console is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than earlier versions and is now available in six different colours.

It goes on sale in Japan on 10th October and will no doubt get a release worldwide at a later date.

Of course, casual gamers may well be wondering why they just wouldn't play games on their phones or tablets, but the PS Vita 2000 has 1GB of memory and will be able to use the bigger 64GB memory cards Sony is making for it, all dedicated to gaming, rather than having to be multi-functional.

This launch comes on the back of a price-cut of the PS Vita worldwide and the announcement of Sony's new tiny set-top box called the PS Vita TV which connects to a TV so you can play your Vita games on the big screen, or stream games being played on a PS4 to another monitor.


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