New standardised online radio service set to launch


The iPlayer for radio is almost with us! Radioplayer was announced last year and is set to launch on March 31st. Backed by both the BBC and commercial broadcasters, it’ll make online radio-listening a heck of a hell of a lot easier.

The brains behind Radioplayer parped: “Roughly 70% of UK homes now have broadband - but only about 2% of radio listening is through the internet - and that figure’s been flat for a while now. Somewhere along the way, we forgot to make it simple to listen to the radio online.”

The service will have a standardised radio player that is embeddable on other sites. It’ll also have instant search almost all of Britain's hundreds of radio stations – commercial and BBC - via programme, musical genre and song title. ‘On demand’ shows and podcasts will also be accessible through it.

Radioplayer will kick off with about 150 stations, rising to between 200 and 300 within a few weeks. If those trends continue, it’ll have millions of stations by the end of the decade. But we’re not banking on that happening.

It sounds smart and anything that helps us get our life advice from Richard Keys and Andy Gray on Talksport a bit easier is good for us. Smash it!

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  • Nick T.
    Now everybody can enjoy the towering intellect of Chris Moyles.

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