New SIM card helps parents spy on their children from afar

BullyBeefsMumBullies are really having a hard time of it at the moment, with everyone trying to clamp down on them in public and online. Now, there's a SIM card that's been developed which will allow parents the opportunity to control their child's mobile phone in a bid to stop bullying ways.

Parents will be given the chance to control their child's phone remotely from a computer, which of course, is going to go down well with the youngsters across the land.

It's called the Bemilo system and will be run on the Vodafone network. That'd be Vodafone who want to give parents the chance to prevent their children from going online, texting or calling during certain hours, just like they did with everyone who was protesting against the government during the riots in Egypt.

As the service isn't an app, the child won't be able to switch the service off. They will, however, be able to buy a PAYG SIM for really cheap from somewhere and just use that instead.

If you want the service (which you don't), you need to buy a "safety pack" with a SIM card inside. Parents will install it into the child's phone and use it on PAYG from £2.95 per month. "It's a SIM that is just like any other SIM you would buy for any other network, but it enables parents to have full control in the context of safety," Simon Goff, founder and chairman of Bemilo, said. "They can allow or disallow certain contacts to call them, and they can set the times of day the phone can operate."

The service will also allow nosey parents to read their children's text messages. You can pass it off as trying to prevent imagined child-abusers from sexting your child, when really, you just want to make sure there's no fingering going on with their peers.



  • Lumoruk
    Will it help me spy on other people's children?
  • Mr K.
    As children of the 70s and 80s are increasingly becoming parents, we never had mobile phones or the's great if we didn't have it why should they? Let's all spoil their fun
  • Avon B.
    Didn't one of the phone shops have a service that did this a few years back?
  • Crackajack
    A telephone backup service is being offered also, just up load your kids phone numbers to
  • Dick
    > As children of the 70s and 80s are increasingly becoming parents, Children of the late 1990s are too.
  • Mike H.
    Childrenof the 00's are too.

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