New PlayStation Store goes live in UK

23 October 2012

Playstation-Buttons-300x187Sony has announced that the redesigned PlayStation Store is now live in the UK (well, across the whole of Europe) and it's about time. In places, the PlayStation Store is counter-intuitive at best and has been left behind when you compare it to the iStore and Google Play marketplaces.

This new-look digital storefront was actually supposed to roll out last week, however, after a brief time in public, it vanished again after users angrily pointed out a host of problems and errors.

There were glitches with account authentication and random crashes, which led to the update being pulled offline.

Sony said that "the phased launch of the new PlayStation Store has been temporarily postponed in some territories as teething issues related to the global roll-out of the Store are being addressed and resolved".

And now, it seems that these teething problems have been sorted out, which means you can get your card out and start spending some money on FIFA13 season tickets and whatever else people want from the PS Store.

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  • Russ
    I have found the new PSN store a little clunky, but I guess its hard to manage a lot of content. Certainly better than before though. Mof - just so you know, the Apple App Store isn't called the "iStore".
  • Marky M.
    Sony online store? I'll just email my credit card details to Russia now, and save Sony the trouble.
  • Sawyer
    Anyone else not understanding the comparison? I've never used the PlayStation Store, but presumably designing a marketplace for a home console is different to designing one for a mobile device (App Store, Google Play). Also worth mentioning that Google Play was crap when it was Android Marketplace, and that Apple have wrecked the App Store in iOS6. Neither are shining examples.
  • Chester
    Actually started using the ps3 with the new cfw. Great to never have to buy a ps3 game and online play works too. Easy now to have a major advantage over the fools with unhacked ps3s.
  • James
    Hi all, looking a bit of advice, I updated the store yesterday however every time it loads I cannot access any of the menus or search it is almost as if the scrren has froze, have reset ps3, changed controllers, deleted and reinstalled playstation store and left it sitting for 20 minutes (heard there may be lag issues on the new store) however every time I open the store I cant move to any of the submenus, I cant find anyone experiencing similar problems online, has anyone got any tips or advice? Thanks!
  • Nick O.
    @ James Have you tried sticking your cock in the electricity socket? Elsewhere on this forum, they regularly bum foxes so perhaps this variant will work for you? Or is yours too small to fit in the little holes? Good luck and let us know how you get on! And please press the little 'Recommend' button to the right of this comment to improve my rating... and Tweet it as well!

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