New Moto X mobile is 'always listening' like a creep

mobile phone Motorola, now owned by Google, have announced a phone that is "always listening" for the owner's voice commands... which isn't creepy at all.

So, if you say "OK Google now...", your Moto X's Touchless Control will listen to you and start doing stuff. It'll probably watch you while you sleep as well, just like the Pierce Brosnan-voiced robot house in The Simpsons.

Francisco Jeronimo, a mobile phones analyst at market intelligence firm IDC, said: "The interaction with the phone, the way we speak, the way we activate the functions - it can be done in a different way. Users have large screens, they have voice control - so at the end of the day what may attract users to replace their current smartphone is a completely new experience. In my opinion, it's one of the biggest trends of the next year."

"If I have a device that just gets activated with one command, then that will be a lot easier. It's not a question of hardware, it's a question of user interface."

And his surname is Jeronimo.

This new phone will cost £130 when bought as part of a two-year contract deal... but do you want one that is constantly reacting to your every stupid word?

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