New iPhone to forgo headphone jack for second speaker?

15 February 2016

apple Apple are getting a lot of chat at the minute, mainly over the future of the headphone jack on the next iPhone they release. There's been a lot of rumours that it will be going, in favour of a lightning socket thing. Seeing as Apple own headphone makers Beats, they could well be looking at a lucrative tie-in for the whole thing.

One of the things being talked about is a second speaker on the phone, which could be added to keep fans happy.

This all comes from a Barclays research memo, which Apple Insider got a look at. It says that a second speaker will be added by Cirrus Logic.

Another thing that is being spoken about, is noise cancellation technology, which is going to be a big feature in the new handset. It isn't very exciting mind you, but it does seem to be a thing that Apple are really focusing on.

As for the headphones, you can assume that Apple will be selling the next iPhone with lightning-equipped headphones, in a bid to stop people from getting too angry about having to buy some new ones. You can assume that the company will also be selling adapters, so you can use whatever headphones you like with the phone. That'll cost you though.

There's also mutterings about wireless headphones too, which of course, Apple will be producing themselves for a bit more income.

Of course, having two speakers will be all well and good, but if you're the kind of person who only really listens to music through headphones, this could be a pain in the hole for you. Wireless headphones tend to be a bit pricier than wired-ones, which is another annoying element to this whole thing.

Either way, you can assume that there's going to be dedicated Beats wireless headphones hitting the shelves around the same time.

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