New iPad reaches 116 degrees while running games!

21 March 2012

NewiPadOh Christ no! The newest version of Apple's iPad is probably going to burn gigantic holes in your legs while you use it! See, it is significantly hotter than the iPad2 when it is running a game according to the charred remains of Consumer Reports testers.

They used a thermal imaging camera and recorded temperatures as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit on the front and rear of the new iPad while playing Infinity Blade II.

This test follows a number of complaints about the heat generated by the new iPad while it is doing processor-intensive tasks. Running a game while the device is plugged-in seems to be the problem.

In addition to this, it has been noted that the new iPad doesn't charge when it is plugged in and playing games, with the battery draining away like our will to live.

So this is all terrible, terrible news right? Well, according to the tester: "during our tests, I held the new Ipad in my hands. When it was at its hottest, it felt very warm but not especially uncomfortable if held for a brief period."


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  • Head
  • Marky M.
    46°C? Meh.
  • Martin
    People don't know what temperatures their computers are in desktop form, just another way of having a go at Apple. Who plays that sort of game with it plugged in anyway?
  • Pedro
    And here's me thinking the ipad could fill in when my kettle broke. It's not really that hot though - I've got readings of 50 degrees Celsius on a galaxy s2 before.
  • Hugh G.
    319.666 Kelvin
  • bob
    Cheap tat sold as premium. Mutton dressed as lamb.
  • jack
    Mutton isn't Lamb?!!
  • Christopher R.
    If you're gonna steal articles from other websites then at least change the temperature to the one we use in the UK...
  • lumoruk
    Why do devices drain the battery when plugged in? Can't they switch to mains like a laptop? Seems stupid that batteries have to be destroyed like this. My C7 gets hot when plugged in and doing a processor intensive task because the battery is just being drained as fast as it is charged, solution? Run off the mains....
  • The J.
    That's not hot. It's a fuck of a lot hotter here in Hell.
  • Head
    maybe it was once of these?:
  • Steve
    A built in lap warmer! Can these iPads get any better?
  • The J.
    @steve My new situation is giving me all kinds of new magical experiences; expect some great stuff in the next new iPad.
  • Frank P.
    Fantastic, a cock warmer for those chilly spring evenings.
  • Frank P.
    ...and perhaps a minge dryer for those females that suffer from a sweaty special place.
  • great s.
    my fox reaches 120 degrees when I'm bumming him
  • Boris
    @ great scott Use more lube.
  • Simon
    I usually hold my ipad at 90 degrees, but it can tilt a little when I get excited. I haven't got it up to 116 degrees yet, but think that it is within the realms of possibility...
  • A F.
    Apple make PC's, tablets and phones, so do HP. Why then do I have to read about Apple everyday? Is it because their tablets get so hot that you become infertile? Now that would be news worthy
  • A F.
    Also 116° is past the point of boiling for you colonizing cunts
  • rubidi0
    116 farenhait = about 45 celcius water boils at 100. excuse the spelling

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