New Google opt-out keeps user data private

13 August 2009

[The Onion]


  • Alex101087
    Surely they can't do this!? Can they!?
  • I've o.
    I'm packed and waiting for the van... Anyone know if my iPhone will work there?
  • admin H.
    y u wasting my bandwidth with this crap, ur fired.
  • numberwang
    you might lol now
  • :D
    The ability to bury corpses by hand, that's a skill I'm proud of.
  • Lumoruk
    Ohhhh brilliant
  • wangernum
    I get the onion news downloaded to my pc Miro is a videocast program, free obviously! No adds apart from the ones on the videos Choose the ONN as a feed, hey pesto! (Sorry, I had bolognaise for dinner :)
  • Geoff J.
    Was that supposed to be funny?
  • Jassen
    @Geoff Jones Satirical -

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