New Google fraud checks almost had us fooled. Almost.

10 March 2010

Well, it seems genuine and everything, and there's the logo at the bottom, so I guess I best send them all my details and not give it a second thought:

Bitterwallet - offical email from Google

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  • MrRobin
    These companies are so helpful these days. I had a mail from the Halifax saying my account needed updating and if I didn't reply my money would be lost! The thing is, I didn't even know I had a Halifax account! I gave them details of my Lloyds account instead hoping that they would be able to merge the two accounts, since HBOS is now owned by Lloyds. I'm looking forward to my funds, perhaps I'll buy some of those calis another nice man has been emailing me about.
  • Tom
    I'm pretty damn sure they still call it Google mail....
  • Joff
    I've always said it - how dangerous would scammers be if their emails were believable?
  • andyofyarm
    Never EVER give your email details out of the internet [email protected]
  • W
    What had you almost fooled? I received one of these emails and they are genuine - look at the senders email address. There's your proof! I joke :P and they say phishing attacks are getting more sophisticated? Guess the fraudsters are defying that to try and throw people off the scent!
  • Joanne
    You wouldnt believe who these emails fool. I worked for a bank fraud team for around 10 years and no matter how much you tell the customers not to give out their security information they still do. I reckon if someone is stupid enough to hand out their information then they infact deserve to have their bank accounts cleared out. There should be a stupidity clause written into their terms and conditions...rant over
  • Nobby
    I got an email this morning. It was addressed "Dearly Beloved". I decided, on the basis of the title alone, to become a reborn christian. Althoguh so far I've not done very good. I've looked at three naked ladies on the internet and passed a tramp in the street and ignored him. I will wank off over a picture in the Bible later though, so hopefully that will redeem me.
  • DavtT
    I have for some time submitted to these scams especially ones which I have accounts - I make up the details like numbers,pins,password, date of birth etc but make them beleivable. Everyone should do this as for each one they must try and login to the real site several times before they give up. If they were swamped with this fake info it will make their job harder - instead we are told to avoid them so the ones they receive are usually correct and their job is simple.
  • Barney D.
    Those are yours alright! . We at least basic to meet these people infringement images to start blogging! They in all probability direct did a plus ultra search and grabbed them. They look nobility allowing!

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