New Google Chromebook, yours for £229

Google have a new thing for you to buy. They're releasing a Chromebook and it'll cost you £229. The Chromebook comes with a 11.6" display, has over 6 hours battery life, a Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Processor, 100 GB Google Drive Cloud Storage2 with Solid State Drive, VGA camera and loads more.

Most importantly though, it is really cheap.



  • Mustapha S.
    £50 less and it might be worth a look, still overpriced, no netbook should be over £150
  • Angry S.
    Agreed. Price will no doubt be mucho reduced in 6 months though as ChromeBooks have, and will continue to, be sold in tiny numbers.
  • Chester
    Pointless as you may as well stick with your mobile for web browsing and emails. Now surface pro is going to be interesting as its a full pc in a tablet
  • Sawyer
    @Chester I type documents of several thousand words on my Chromebook... not sure how I can do that on my mobile easily? Not for everyone, I agree, but saying it's pointless is rather narrow-minded. Kinda like me saying the Surface Pro is pointless as no-one needs a full PC in a tablet... when really there might be folks who do and it's just me who doesn't.
  • Efjay
    It's overpriced for what it is, maybe £125-£150 would be more reasonable. I've been using Chrome OS (and Chromium OS) for usability testing and development and Google are pushing it as a Windows/Linux/Mac alternative. It is not. Sorry if people disagree. I've only got actual experience to go by. It is for people who use a computer just for the internet and NOTHING else, ever. For all the offline support (which is very limited and an afterthought at best) that advocates keep mentioning, it basically requires an internet connection to function. It (or Google) expects the user to use web apps (fancy name for webpages) which are not very satisfying at best. For any other use it's an absolute non-starter. For the price, you can buy a netbook which will run Windows or (Linux if you prefer) and the Chrome browser, this gives you exactly the same 'cloud' experience and more importantly gives you a fully working computer when the internet is not available. It may not be a pointless product, but it is only for people who need a web browser and nothing else, for people who's needs will never exceed the web. Most people I've spoken to or shown Chrome OS to want and/or expect a bit more from their computer than just a browser.

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