New Google Chrome browser will make you live longer or something

Chrome Thank God that Google are so keen to gather all that information about our web use – they’re finally putting it to good work with the latest version of their Chrome browser.

A stable version of Chrome 13 has just been released and it contains a new ‘Instant pages’ feature, which Google claim will save you between 2 and 5 seconds every time you do a search.

It’s a reimagining of Firefox’s prefetching feature, which pre-loads part of a page ahead of you opening it. But Google say that Chrome’s Instant Pages will download more and save you vital seconds in your quest for knowledge and pictures of cats.

Get yourself over to download the new version and use some of that time you’ve saved to come back here and tell us how much time you’ve saved. If we don’t hear from any of you, we’ll know it’s not as good as Google say it is.



  • crap
    by pictures of "cats" do you mean pictures of pussy (cats)
  • Captain C.
    A friend who runs a fairly major website gave it a try, it made his site load 20% SLOWER. Googles own sites arent using this new system, so it cant be that wonderful

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