New drag-and-drop timesaver for Gmail users

Another handy timesaver for Gmail users has popped up on the official Google blog. Hooray! A few months ago, the Boffins™ added functionality that allowed you to drag attachments into an email to send them. Now, there's no need to download attachments sent to you, because you can do pretty much the same thing - simply drag and drop the attachments from the email onto your desktop.

Hours of fun for all the family. Whether you have to be called Bob or planning a trip to Hawaii for it to work, is unconfirmed at this time.

Bitterwallet - drag attachments to desktop


  • Nobby
    I managed to open that file... Hawaii itinerary June 28 Fun* June 29 More fun* June 30 Rum based fun* : : July 5 Beach fun* July 6 Beach fun with rum* *You are not fucking well coming. So fuck off.
  • IT T.
    I suggested exactly this to Microsoft for hotmail a couple of years back and never got a response. Fuckers!
  • james d.
    you have been able to do this for months.
  • james d.
    ahh drag ONTO your desktop my apologies for not reading properly
  • james d.
    even works on ubuntu, nice
  • Pedro
    Ah, it only works on chrome... There's ten minutes of my life I won't get back.
  • Zleet
    Wonder if we'll start seeing all the stuff developed for Wave appearing in Gmail now that's folded?

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