New Chrome goes after irritating autoplaying pages

Chrome Everyone thoroughly loathes any website that has an autoplaying video, advert or music. Websites should be silent unless you choose otherwise.

Well, it seems Google have noticed this as well and with the roll-out of their newest Chrome browser, you can now silence these dreadful shits with greater ease, along with a load of other decent looking features.

Version 32 for Windows, Mac, and Linux is available to download now. There's a new look for Windows 8 Metro mode, automatic blocking of malware downloads and the aforementioned 'noisy tab' function.

Basically, when you're browsing and have opened up a load of tabs, sometimes you'll find one of them is making a racket. Now, instead of opening up each tab and scrolling through the pages to find the offending page, the tab itself will tell you which one of them is producing sound with a little speaker icon. Of course, you could argue that users could simply mute their device, but that's no use if you're listening to music or taking a Skype call while browsing at the same time.

On top of that, your tabs will also tell you which of them are currently using your webcam or are being cast to your TV as well as Chrome having a thing called 'supervised browser', designed to help people who need some guidance when browsing online.

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  • Lewis W.
    Good to hear, the daily mail website is particularly terrible for this. (Disclaimer: I only go there for their football coverage)

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