New Apple Watch this year?

New Apple Watch this year?

Apple have done rather well out of the iPhone and iPad, and you can't walk into a coffee shop without seeing someone aimlessly poking at their Macbook Pro.

Of course, the latest thing they're pushing, is the Apple Watch, which went on sale last April.

Apple haven't done much with their wearable technology as such, but this year, that looks like it is all set to change.

New phones and the like, are usually launched in the second half of the year, and many believe that Apple will release a new Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time.

What is likely to be improved with the new Apple Watch?

For starters, it looks like it'll have a improved battery. A number of people complained about theirs needing to be charged too frequently, so Apple will certainly be looking into that.

That means we might see a thinner screen, to help make room for the thicker battery.

It looks like there'll be new straps for the smartwatch, including a 'smart-band', which means the strap itself can roll up behind the watch, acting as a little stand for it, while it sits on your bedside table or desk.

There's talk of it being magnetic too.

The earliest it is likely to see the light of day, is September 2016. It may get announced then, and released in 2017, or Apple might just spring it on their fans and let them go crazy for a fortnight.

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