New app makes shower noises while you fart yourself inside-out

25 April 2013

Are you a farty human? Do you get embarrassed how loud you are in the bog while you have company? Well, there's an app for that which hopes to solve your shame.

The 'Fake Shower' app from Akatu plays a recording of a running shower so you can go at it hammer and tongs on the pan. It can't do anything about the wretched smells you create though.

"Many people turn on the faucet or shower only to prevent [others] from hearing the 'sounds of nature' in the bathroom," says the product description on iTunes. "Water [is] wasted everywhere - clean, treated, expensive and scarce water. With Akatu Fake Shower, [a] couple's intimacy is saved, and so is water."

How romantic.

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  • Waveydavey69
    This needs a fake hand drier option to be added for use at work...
  • Her L.
    I want an app that creates the sound of my insides collapsing, whilst I have a shower. Can you fix it for me please Mof?

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