Napster takes on Spotify with new £5 streaming service

8 October 2009

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The mighty Spotify just got itself a major rival. Napster have unveiled their new Unlimited service – and its half the price of Spotify’s Premium equivalent.

Launched today, for only £5 a month, you’ll get access to eight million streaming songs AND five mp3s for you to keep and play, DRM-free on any device you like. Sign up for three months and you’ll get a fiver off.

Sounds good, but, it’s essentially a stripped-down version of Spotify’s all-singing, all-dancing Premium service and its offline cache-ing. What you won’t get is an app to access the service on your smartphone, or any mobile streaming at all. What you will get is the ability to ‘preview’ songs on your phone before downloading them as paid-for mp3s. Bah.

Another grouch – with Spotify, you can try before you buy with the ad-supported free service. How do we know that 7,999,000 of Napster’s tracks won’t be remixed versions of the theme tune from Only Fools And Horses? We don’t.

But, five mp3s for a fiver plus a massive catalogue to be streamed to your heart’s content is a big sell – we’ll definitely be giving it a whirl here at BWHQ. How about you lot?

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  • Rembrandt
    I already have Napster for use on my Sonos home system. It's pretty impressive. Much better library and tons of playlists to stream, I rarely ever make my own playlists as I can just use the pre-made ones on Napster. They better reduce my monthly fee!!
  • Lumoruk
    BW can afford it's own HQ, how?
  • Paul N.
    No-one was dossing in Andy's bathroom tub so he rents it to himself for a Stella/month, that's how.
  • (required)
    Ah the good ol' days of Napster....waiting half-an-hour for a Limp Bizkit track to download on dial-up.
  • Name
    Limp Bizkit, Korn and Eminem lol
  • KH
    Rather ill-informed comment: "How do we know that 7,999,000 of Napster’s tracks won’t be remixed versions of the theme tune from Only Fools And Horses? We don’t." Why don't you? You can create a free account, log into the web interface and then search through their catalogue.
  • Watch B.
    [...] yet another player enters the streaming music market. Spotify had their cage rattled last week when Napster slashed their monthly fee and offered downloads as part of the deal. But now a big horse is set to run amok on the dual [...]

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