Napster founders make new Chatroulette

An internet user, yesterday

Admit it. You woke up this morning wishing that there was a newer version of Chatroulette.

Well thankfully, Napster are here to answer your pathetic prayers!

They're launching something called Airtime, and it has been invested in by some celebrities! We all know how much celebs like webcams, don't we? Ahem.

£5m ($8m) has been raised from people like and... er... the soon-to-be-divorced by Demi Moore for having sex with a 23 year old on the eve of his wedding anniversary (allegedly), Ashton Kutcher.

Basically, Airtime will see users interacting via webcam, where they'll be "smashed together" by way of being introduced.

So basically, it's exactly like Chatroulette then. So expect a lot of flaccid penises being thrashed around on your screens. Lovely.

Airtime seems to be under the impression that it'll be used for people to sing and perform, unearthing new talent. Because, as we all know, the internet is all about that, and in no way used for sordid purposes at the first given chance.

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  • Dick
    Chatroulette bans people too quickly these days. I didn't even get wood last time.

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