Mumsnet cyber attack - update your passwords

20 August 2015

mumsnet Hackers have got all up in the face of Mumsnet, with armed police being dispatched to the house of the founder of the site. While that is frankly bizarre, what does it mean for the most of you who use the site? Well, a DDoS attack took the site offline, and all users should change their passwords asap.

Founder, Justine Roberts, said Mumsnet was the victim of a cyber attack from someone called 'DadSecurity' on Twitter. User information on the site has been accessed, and here's all you need to know.

Reset your password and, if you use the same password for other sites, it'd be wise to update those too. Hackers have edited some posts from user accounts, so this is a pressing concern. Stolen passwords have been posted online.

Mumsnet have reset all passwords, so you'll have to do this anyway, but if you've missed all this news, it'd be worth getting your finger out.

Mumsnet have said: "We take great care to protect the information users give us, and don't ask for, or store, any more information than we need to run the site. All passwords are encrypted, so that no one - not even us - can see them. We think, therefore, that this has been done via a form of phishing, whereby the hacker creates a fake Mumsnet login page that looks just like the usual page, but with a slightly different URL. The hacker would have been able to see passwords in plain text when they were typed in."

"Any passwords the hacker has been able to harvest up to this point will now be useless. However, if phishing was the cause, the Mumsnet login page could be phished again - so it's really important to check the URL when you enter your details, or use your social login (ie via Facebook/Google), which doesn't require a password."

"If the URL begins with anything other than, don't use it. Note the 'S' in 'https://'."

Roughly 3,000 usernames and passwords have been posted online, but that figure could shoot up at any time. Mumsnet don't know how much information has been obtained and the hackers could be posting them in batches.

Mumsnet has a live update going on here.


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