MP wants Google to explain its low UK tax bill

13 August 2012

Bitterwallet - Google Some of you are already boycotting Vodafone and Amazon over their tax avoidance shenanigans. If you are, you might soon be adding Google to your list of hate. Which is great news for Bing.

Google could be asked to explain their taxpaying affairs by MPs after it paid just £6m on a turnover of £395m last year. By shifting the money around, with most of it ending up in Bermuda via Ireland, the internet giant is able to keep its tax bill low and its profits high.

John Mann MP has described it all as being “entirely improper and immoral” and hopes to call Google bosses before the Treasury Select Committee (of which he is a member) before next Easter.

But as Google is seemingly operating within the law, is there any point in hauling its bosses before the committee? Should the priority not be investigating the loopholes and set about closing them?

Do you genuinely give a toss whether the likes of Google and Amazon play the system in order to keep their tax bills low? Or are you happy to boycott them until they show some social responsibility in the markets where they operate? Tell us, using as many syllables as you can muster…

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  • tiderium
    There is no point in hauling the bosses in front of a committee. its a waste of taxpayers money in of itself. what needs to be done quickly is the loopholes need to be closed. so if a company has an operation called Google UK for example they pay UK tax rates. and cant put it through anther part of the company to avoid UK tax laws. I think this would be simple and effective. Also all members of parliament must allow there taxes to be examined on a random basis by an independent panel to make sure they aren't doing a jimmy carr. Cameron and his ilk take great delight in telling us what to do but are probably doing worse than any of us could ever do. for example look at lord Taylor banged up for saying he had been told by senior peers it was normal practice to make false expenses claims "in lieu of salary".
  • chris
    stopped using adwords. wont make a blind bit of difference, but i feel better
  • Mustapha S.
    Fair play to them. My company has finally had a decent year, and I'm sure as hell not paying more than 20% tax. If they don't like it, make it illegal! Its like drink driving, Govt moan if people have a shandy, well make it zero tolerance then!
  • Inspector G.
    The treasury select committee seems to be like being sent to the headmasters office, only without the worry of being punished.
  • Sicknote
    Ye but no...but ye...but no...but ye...but no......what was the question....?
  • The M.
    Ahh the Bermuda Sly Angle at tax returns strikes again...
  • The M.
    And yes, I give a huge fucking toss when a severely depressed person I know found out today that her mental health unit has been "temporarily" closed for 6 months due to budget cuts. Budget cuts caused ultimately by tax fiddling bastards.
  • Nikey H.
    Since when was Google a British company ? If govt causes too much fuss, you will just be browsing to instead of and your UK streetmap will vanish.
  • Music S.
    We have cut back our adwords in response, but they do bring in the customers so we cannot stop them. Surely all that is needed is a law on loopholes, such as any company found to be paying less than 20% tax will be fined double the tax they were due to pay.

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