Movies to be streamed on YouTube

26 April 2011

youtube_logoSeeing as the cinema is one of the most miserable places on Earth, it is good to hear that YouTube is now seen as a viable alternative by Hollywood studios who are looking to stream their wares online.

YouTube are prepping the launch of this new movie service, which will charge viewers to screen the latest films as soon as they are released on DVD.

Sony, Warner Brothers and Universal are already signed-up and will be providing content as early as next week. Alas, Paramount, Fox and Disney have thus far declined YouTube's offer.

At present, Google is yet to comment on the speculation other than issuing an obligatory no comment and stating, “We've steadily been adding more and more titles since launching movies for rent on YouTube over a year ago, and now have thousands of titles available."

There's no pricing plan as yet, which is going to be the main sticking point if this is going to succeed. We'll just have to see if there's an appetite for watching flicks on YouTube, especially given that there are other ways of watching movies online that are free, if legally dubious.


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  • Gunn
    This is the issue I don't get with a lot of industries, I personally believe that if you make something cheap enough people will buy it rather than obtain illegally. But its how you work out if the increase in number of buyers at the lower price will be better than the current pricing.
  • Sawyer
    There's also the issue of people not associating YouTube with paid content. It's got to devalue your product when your latest multi-million dollar blockbuster is available next to a video of some teenagers happy-slapping each other.
  • Captain.cretin
    There are already a few, full length movies on YouTube, I spotted a Chinese language film only yesterday 1:32 mins

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