Move over Google – Dyson invented Glass before you did

2 June 2014

dyson halo Dyson, mostly known for their unattractive hoovers and those hand dryers that blow so hard that you can actually see the blood going through your veins, apparently invented virtual reality 3D headsets 10 years before Google.

The Dyson Halo was originally developed in 2001, and instead of all the computer gubbins being integrated into the headset, a chunky Walkman-like device was connected to it by a wire and worn on your belt (well, it WAS 2001).

Essentially, though, all the basic components were there. Dyson also invented an early prototype of Siri, a digital helper who would read out emails to the headset wearer.

However, it was not to be – Dyson shelved the project so they could concentrate on building up the brand in the US, but to celebrate their 21st birthday, the company, headed by engineer extraordinaire James Dyson, has released fascinating drawings of the early Halo prototypes.

Perhaps they should look to the future and redevelop it, complete with an integrated face-mounted vacuum cleaner?

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  • ImRight
    Dyson dont make hoovers, they make vacuum cleaners. Hoover make hoovers.
  • Noghar
    "Dyson apparently invented virtual reality 3D headsets 10 years before Google." Not much of an achievement, as Google don't make 3D VR headsets. If you mean Google Glass, that isn't VR or 3D. And I am such an old far I remember trying out a 3D VR headset in Covent Garden in about 1990. Which also predates Google by a fair bit.

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