More iPhone trouble with iOS 6

1 October 2012

440x330-iphone-5-front-backThe latest upgrade to iOS 6 has been fraught with problems, making a mockery of the 'just works' mandate from Apple devotees. Well publicised, is the problem with maps (with Google having a chuckle about it all) and now, a number of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners have been left without basic WiFi connectivity after upgrading to iOS 6.

Feel free to assume that this wouldn't have happened if Steve Jobs was around.

Users have been moaning on Apple's official support forums, currently standing at over 150 pages of bitching about WiFi.

Some have noted that their device will connect on some networks but not on others, while other users have said that, since the upgrade, they've been unable to connect to a Netgear router (you'll need to download new firmware for the router if you're finding this to be the case). Others have been saying that everything is just "persistently slow" Wi-Fi.

There have been other Apple users who have said that the AirPlay connectivity on the iPad has stopped working on iOS 6.

Are you having grief with your Apple products since the update? Have a moan in the comments if you want.

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  • Dick
    There have also been others that said "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."
  • Jason E.
    The update kicked out all my data/cellular settings which was amazing.
  • Dick
    How long will it be before apple start suing other companies if they say "We fucked up". Now doubt apple have trademarked that by now.
  • Miles
    Lost my YouTube app in update along with dozens of favourite I'd spent years compiling.
  • mikeypop
    You didn't lose the youtube app Miles - it is no longer a part of iOS and has to be downloaded separately from the App Store now.
  • ipuser
    Setup the phone like new. Do not update from backup or icloud. This has solved the problem with wifi on my iPhone 5.
  • SteveG
    Bought phone, restored all apps from a backup of previous phone, all works fine. Thanks.
  • StackedTimothy
    iOS 6 works with no issues on my iPhone 5 and iPhone 4.
  • amazon s.
    Cbeebies won't work on my iphone 5 now.
  • 9-eyes
    In the words of Bosco Albert Baracus, "I pity the fool" who's brainwashed into buying inferior products.
  • wise e.
    A fool and his money is easily parted.
  • StackedTimothy
    @9-eyes And thats why you're a virgin.
  • JJ
    @wise old elf == As are a fool and his grammar, it seems.
  • wise e.
    iFanboi: Siri, which smartphone has the worst WiFi? Siri: The one you are holding.
  • P O.
    Due to my pc dieing I never upgraded to iOS5 on my ipad2 and it now won't let me download iOS6 because 5 is missing :-(
  • Stan K.
    I have every Apple product imaginable, and I have experienced no connectivity issues with IO6. Dissapointed, Apple bashers? Sorry, but I cannot tell a lie.
  • Kim W.
    We have no troubles with iOS 6. Reporting only bad things, is not reporting at all. It's pushing a cause. What does this writer have against Apple products? We own an iPad2 and the New iPad and no issues with iOS 6. Stop whinning everyone! My Mom has an iPad2, no issues there either. My boss has an iPad2, no issue, my Aunt iPad 2 no issue. I could go on but you get the point.
  • Adam W.
    Funny, my Iphone decides to connect to my Netgear router then disconnects after a short while and forgets i ever entered a password for it so i have to go through the whole routine again... also i seem to have lost the ability to have a phone call, people cant hear me whilst i can hear them and then i suddenly reappear at various points of the call. I recently had to return from a Galaxy S3 as it being my 3rd one, thought i'd give the Iphone a whirl once again... i realise i now do not miss Apple one single bit and how much happier i was without restrictive technology.
  • fridge
    the 'ifucked up' update
  • mikeypop
    Zero problems for me on iPhone 4S and iPad 2. I don't doubt there are issues, but it seems BW is happy to pounce on them to serve their current bandwagon-jumping Apple-bashing stance. Update to Apple TV not as successful though - seems to not work on Ethernet anymore and I've had to unplug it and go Wireless again on it to get some things working - not exactly the end of the world, but not ideal! Seems that isn't an isolated issue either. Apple seem to have got a little too complacent recently - definitely need a wake-up call because their level of quality control seems to have dropped way down - there is only so much shiny niceness that can cover up so many issues!
  • Craig
    Apple's new product, the iApologiseForReleasingCrap - it's advertised on the bottom left of their website
  • Seymour
    this is ridiculous! my iphone 5 no longer lets me access me buy route tracker, so i am no longer able to access the public transport services!!
  • Mustapha S.
    If SJ was still around, he'd say the problem was because of the netgear router. And then he'd sue them. He was a cunt when he was alive, and he's still a cunt now. The cunt.
  • Mustapha Shit is a large bit of shit
  • Steve Jobs changed the world for us. If Shit doesn't like the goods, Dnt use them!
  • iMeh
    @[email protected] SJ didn't change the world, more marketed the same sh*te everyone else had been pushing for years as something shiny and brand-new, smart but hardly world-changing.

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