More Google Street View brilliance - young man caught short

"It's alright son, no one can see you."

Thanks to BW reader Anthony. Send us any other Street View oddities you might have stumbled upon. [digg it]


  • P E.
    hahaha thats almost a pic of me there!
  • Sid
    you missed the guy that was walking into an adult shop or the other guy throwing up
  • Graham
    its true... I can see these people on my G1
  • adz
    good old streetview, hope it comes round our town centre on a summer evening :) p.s. : sorry to be synical here but isnt this illegal, constitute to indecent images of young children
  • Ab
    No it isn't and it's cynical.
  • Andy
    I love how people are up in arms about privacy. If you have something to hide whilst being in the street, then you probably shouldn't be in the street in the first place.
  • Bullet
    surely his father should show him how to use his zip, Unless he's gonna take a number 2 straight after. hahaha
  • magicbeans
  • jaysexy212005
    lol, I can see streetview causing a lot of problems
  • SJT
    it's been removed now! hahahaha
  • Noghar
    Why are people moaning about other people seeing 'em? I actually saw the Google camera vehicle at work when I was out walking my dog last summer. I was really pissed off when I checked the location to find I wasn't in it. Is there any way we can moan to Google so they'll put photos in instead of taking them out?
  • ODB
    lol...people have been arrested for less though, shocking tbh
  • J
    Its been removed but you can still just about see it from another angle...,+birmingham&sll=33.893217,-118.21744&sspn=0,359.9682&ie=UTF8&ll=52.461841,-1.809955&spn=0.010525,0.0159&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr&layer=c&cbll=52.461829,-1.809758&panoid=qTXYdqTfuihWgnszb2HGEw&cbp=12,323.2041280568983,,2,8.94736842105259
  • Jack
    hahah, good find. That other angle could look worse if the man was closer!
  • Dan
    Is it me or... i have always unzipped my trousers and kept them up so people to have full view of my arse, not had them round my ankles like this kid, what a bad example his dad's setting, his dad need to show me basic pissing preparation instructions.
  • Dan
    sorry edited due to my crap spelling, Is it me or… i've always unzipped my trousers and kept them up so people don't have full view of my arse, not had them round my ankles like this kid, what a bad example his dad’s setting, his dad needs to show him basic pissing preparation instructions.
  • It’s B.
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