More dimensional nonsense ahoy, skipper - Toshiba's 3D laptop

After holding our head in our hands at Virgin Media's 3D TV launch earlier this week, our hatred of all faddish products labelled 3D continues today. You would hope that at some point, manufacturers would stop flogging a dead horse to death again, and let it be. But no. Now it's Toshiba's turn to pump up the tyres of a market that isn't there.

Bitterwallet - Toshiba 3D laptop
Witness the bedazzlement of Toshiba's Satellite A665-3D laptop, which launches later this month. Just look at it. All the dull plastic lines of a laptop, but with 3D. There's a 15.6" 3D screen and HDMI output to push you favourite 3D nonsense to your 3D TV. Because you have one of them too, right? That's probably why Toshiba only supply one pair of glasses, because you're already 3D'd up and have pairs of glasses coming out your tit-ends.

How much to immerse yourself in this fancy pants world of 3D laptoporama? Well it's clocking in at $1,300, so let's say the thick end of £900 to you. Or you could just set fire to your own hands, and watch that in 3D instead. But before I rest my case for the prosecution, y'honour, witness this "wacky" video. Yes, he does look like a twat in those glasses, and yes - she really does say the laptop uses "turbo-boost technology". Get out of my sight.


  • PokeHerPete
    Not only do the 3d glasses make 3d stuff appear on your laptop, they double as 'stylish' twat glasses
  • Ben
    The poor media industry. 3D stops piracy in cinemas - let's push it! Oh - we've made everyone hate it by showing contempt for the consumer at every turn and being greedy in an already over-priced luxury market. So... 3D TV and laptops then? I literally don't have enough face to palm. You have to really give it to them - they've pushed the boat out on fucking the dog as far as public goodwill towards their "saviour" is concerned.
  • PaulH
    "Yes, he does look like a twat in those glasses, and yes – she really does say the laptop uses “turbo-boost technology”. Get out of my sight." - LOL! The whole 3D argument can be summed up in the top 2 comments (above)
  • ivan_the_inebriated
    Erm if this is the old school pc style 3D then the image goes into the screen as opposed to coming out of the screen like it does in the illustration (so it's like looking into a box containing the contents of your game. (It appears to be as those are the Nvidia N-Vision glasses).
  • kev
    sorry, but I can't see people paying that sort of money, and for that reason..... I'M OUT!
  • smashingnicey
    ha ha ha - he says 'I recommend playing 3D games in moderation'... as you may pass out. Yeah great. Not only do they make you look like a bad imitation Blues Brother, but they effectively reduce the time you're able to play on the games that are the very reason to have the daft things in the first place. Silly silly silly... that's three sillys coming out at you from my perfectly fantastic 2D screen.
  • PaulH
    I think all the 3D malarkey can be summed up in one word..."BOLLOCKS!"
  • Meh
    I sincerely hope the interviewer in this clip is on Work Experience.
  • charlie
    3D is shite, I am waiting for 4D. But I do like DD's definitely feel them in your face compared to non DD versions lol
  • charlie
    Intelligent comment time. Wasn't 3D like so 80's. Can't believe they are pushing it so much, you have to be a mug to own a set and sit there with those stupid glasses. I don't think it adds any value to the experience. The effect gives me headache in the cinema and grinds my gears!.
  • bibble
    She thinks the sun glasses look the same - says it all - nice one tosh for pissing any credibility up the wall

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