More digital books! Google to launch 'Editions'

kindle2Like Tories and Coldplay fans, I've never met anyone who has actually read a book digitally. However, there are obviously people out there who do such things. In fact, these people probably do all three.

Anyway, like tepid rock and right wing politics, there's obviously a need for digital books as Google are the latest to jump on the bandwagon and launch their own online e-book store.

It'll be called Google Editions and, importantly, won't be tied to one device unlike Amazon who foolishly put all their eggs in one basket called Kindle.

"It is a different approach to what most readers today have and the vision is to be able to access books in a device agnostic way," said Google spokesperson Gabriel Sticker.


Apparently, Google have scanned over 12 million books to date, which is more than either Apple or Amazon. The main thing that's good about this is that Google have tackled loads of out-of-print books, thereby serving a real function as opposed to just being a daft gadget.

Editions will be readable on any web enabled device. That means you can read Jilly Cooper's 'Polo' on your smartphone whilst having a sly wank. Or you can read something a bit more highbrow on your netbook, tablet or desktop or whatever.

In an interview with the New Yorker magazine, the company revealed the books will be purchased directly from Google and also from retailers who will keep the majority of the money earned."It's much more of an open ecosystem, where you find a way for bricks-and-mortar stores to participate in the future digital world of books," said Dan Clancy, Google engineer. "We're quite comfortable having a diverse range of physical retailers, whereas most of the other players would like to have a less competitive space, because they'd like to dominate."

As yet, there's no clue as to how much will be charged for the service. Soz.



  • Alexis
    I do all my reading in the bath! Until they release a waterproof tablet I'm not interested!
  • Mark
    'Like Tories and Coldplay fans, I’ve never met anyone who has actually read a book digitally. ' Hi, nice to meet you. I use ebooks to read on a night time in bed (without having to have a light on which would disturb the wife) and technical ebooks which I can have open on my screen while I tap code into the IDE. 'It’ll be called Google Editions and, importantly, won’t be tied to one device unlike Amazon who foolishly put all their eggs in one basket called Kindle.' Kindle is already available on iPhone/iPod Touch and will soon be available on any Android phone, all for free.
  • Johnters
    ^^^ @Mark. *win*.
  • Junkyard
    I like to have a selection of ebooks stored on my smartphone. It's not the ideal reading platform, but it's surprisingly good and it's always in my pocket. In addition, I'd pay good money to see some kind of last-man-standing knife fight between Chris Martin and David Cameron.
  • The B.
    Having never met a Tory, can one assume that you live "oop North"?
  • parpparp
    There's nothing sexy about polio: it is an incredibly debilitating disease.

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