Mircosoft & Blackberry slash price on flagship gadgets

surface In a bid to boost sales, Microsoft and Blackberry have both cut prices on flagship products... not that they're struggling or anything.

Microsoft have dropped the price of the 32GB Surface RT to £279 from £400 and the 64GB model's price down to £359. Meanwhile, the price of the Blackberry Z10 phone has been dropped in the US to $49 (with a contract) from $199. It is expected that the latter will drop worldwide soon enough.

"It's a big deal for both companies," says Tony Cripps, an analyst at Ovum. "Competing with the Apples and Samsungs of this world is tough, and it's a difficult climate to put out high-end products when the market is so dominated by a couple of players."

RIM - they make BlackBerry devices - reported an $84m loss last quarter. "For Blackberry, it really bet the farm on its new BB10 operating system and it needs to regain market share in smartphones," Mr Cripps said. "In that sense, the Surface's success is perhaps not quite as important for Microsoft but if they want Windows 8 to be a key driver for the future, they need to get it into the hands of as many people as possible."

"We've been seeing great success with pricing and cover promotions over the past several months on Surface RT in the US and other markets," a Microsoft spokeswoman said. "People who buy Surface love Surface, and we're excited about all those additional people out sharing their excitement for Surface with other people."


  • Maximus
    After receiving a Surface RT from work I now find i prefer it to my iPad. It charges quicker, the battery lasts longer and it is great multitasking on it. Really surprised it hasn't taken off as it is a quality built tablet with Word, Excel etc all included for free on it.
  • Jed T.
    Are Mircosoft like Appel, Samsnug and Snoy?
  • Euan
    "RIM – they make BlackBerry devices – " Why even bother with the mention of RIM, considering the company's been rebranded as BlackBerry since January?
  • HW
    Maximus: Possibly just because of the cost...? Those that wont pay for Apple products go to Android products as they are significantly cheaper. If you can afford it, then the marketing of Apple has them hooked. It is a strange one that we all probably grew up using windows pc's, yet wont touch their tablet effort.
  • fibbingarchie
    @ Euan When you're talking about company performance, it's correct to refer to the name of the entity rather than it's trading name.
  • Kevin
    Of course you could say that if they can afford to drop the price by that much they must have been ripping us off before ;)

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