Millions to lose their TV signal thanks to 4G: Riots predicted

6 June 2013

tv_3004_narrowweb__300x373,0 Millions of households could lose their TV signal thanks to interference from the 4G switch-on. Without our tellies, we'll have to talk to each other... and that way, trouble lies. In the time before TV, two World Wars broke out.

As such, postcards will be sent out across Britain later this week, warning us all that our next-gen mobile phone services could bugger all of our lives us. This is the result of O2, 3 Mobile and Vodafone all upping their tests before 4G gets released in the wild.

The problem is that 4G is on the 800mhz frequency, which lives next door to the Freeview 700mhz band. The reason there's be little problem with the EE 4G is that they use the 1800mhz frequency.

Ofcom suspect that this will affect up to two million homes.

Ironically enough, with faster speeds on our phones, once these tests have been completed, we'll all probably spend less time watching television, so it is double bad news for broadcasters.


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  • Han S.
    Didn't the recent test conducted by at800 find the following: Tests of around 200,000 homes in the West Midlands and London have uncovered just 15 TV interference issues.
  • Han S.
    "The reason there’s be little problem" Eh?
  • wopiqu y.
    I don't want to sound like a complete moron here, but is there any chance this 'journalist' can find an alternative career? Every single fucking article is strewn with grammatical mistakes, cliches and cringe-inducing phrases. It's horrific to read.
  • mogsog
    Mof you must work for the daily mail as your full time job because you put so much spin on every article you write. I thought at first people in the comments were being overly harsh now I know that not to be true. From an article today: "4G Freeview Interference To Affect Fewer Than 90,000 Households" -TechWeekeurope Did you misread or just add the few extra 0s and think nobody would notice? FFS mof!
  • yutfghjk
    "In the time before TV, two World Wars broke out." In this context 'World Wars' shouldn't be capitalised as it isn't referring to either world war specifically. "...our next-gen mobile phone services could bugger all of our lives us." Eurgh. "The problem is that 4G is on the 800mhz frequency..." It's 'MHz', not 'mhz'. "The reason there’s be little problem with the EE 4G..." Eurgh.
  • Yog S.
    And yet you all read the story and keep coming back for more. Just saying.
  • Fom s.
    Got my postcard earlier this week, couldn't you even get that right Mof? Struggling to read that piece of sensationalist rubbish.
  • Angry S.
    Normally, I'd jump to the defence of BW as its free and lighthearted, and too many people seem keen to take it seriously; but this is such bad 'journalism, and so badly written, that I have to agree it deserves every bit of slagging it gets. Pitiful.
  • Daisy D.
    Ooh, I like getting postcards.
  • Hello
    hmmm some comments deleted from here, thought this blog wasn't moderated. Moff, ever wonder why you didn't get the job at NME? Apart from your shite cv (zany doesn't make it good) it might be because you are a fucking shit writer. You should maybe go back to such classic gems you used to write, such as your obsession for big cocks..just have a google for Fact fans will be interested to note that your average penis is six inches long when, ahem, full of blood. Jonah’s is 13-and-a-half inches. Nearly double. It’s no joke to imagine being clubbed to death by it and look at the hecklerspray link for mofs real passion
  • jim
    why all the hate? its a standard BW article.
  • Haggis
    I hope the postcards have cocks on them
  • Idi A.
    @ Hello If you hate Mof's stuff so much, I think you should demand a full refund of your subscription. Alternatively stop stalking him, and go away.
  • samuri
    yet another reason not to pay the BBC (Bullying Bastards Consortium)
  • Her L.
    I would be seriously miffed if BitterWallet ever started worrying about grammar. This isn't a fucking broadsheet, it's a light-hearted blog covering current consumer issues and sometimes a pretty article from Sweets about puppies or cupcakes. If you are experiencing aggravated butthurt then I suggest you file a complaint at
  • Gof M.
    I think Bitterwallet has had its day, Lucy and Mof and Andy the editor have probably decided to give up looking at the lack of posts from today. Good riddance.
  • Hello
    @ Idi Amin but i have a big cock and was hoping my posts would get me fuck Mof and Lucy at the same time, is that not likely then? xxxxxhugs and kissesxxxxxx
  • oliverreed
    Thanks for deleting my non-offensive comment. You cunts.
  • Sicknote
    Perfect; with no Jeremy Vile & Judge Judy to fill your days perhaps you'll get off your feckless, lazy arses and get a job. BTW; as I right this I'm sat in the Buffalo Bills steak house in Valletta - decided to take my lovely wife out for a lovely meal on this wonderful evening. Hope it's shitty and pissy back there in skint blighty. Now, where's that lovely steak getting to I wonder.
  • Sicknote
    I mean 'write'...too much vino me thinks.
  • Hawkeye T.
    @Sicknote: more like pish-filled triumphalism.
  • Colin
    Mof, are you and Lucy having a competition to see who can write the most shit article this year or something? You are nowhere near Lucy’s racist rant yet Mof, you need to up your game.
  • Al S.
    Come on Mof you can do better, Lucy is certainly beating you in the shit article stakes
  • Han S.
    All I can think of when I see Mof and his re-writing of proper journalists work is Biff Tannen: "Think, McFly, think. You realise what would happen if I handed in my homework in your handwriting? I'd get kicked out of school."
  • Andy D.
    'Han Solo'

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