Millions not getting broadband speed promised by ads

slow-internet-connection You might want to sit down for this, but it looks like adverts aren't really delivering on their promises. We're talking specifically about broadband commercials and the like, which promises all manner of speeds. However, they're not coming good on their claims.

According to our pals over at Which!!!, up to three-quarters of UK households (up to? Is this another claim that won't deliver too?) are not getting the speeds they pay for.

The watchdog reckon that somewhere in the region of 15.4 million households are paying for packages that have lower speeds than advertised, and in fact, have packages that will never, ever reach the speeds promised.

Ofcom are trying to help, by making it easier for us to ditch providers, if we're unhappy with the service. However, if they're all fibbing to us, then it isn't really a sufficient solution to the problem.

Which!!! ran some tests, that suggested only 17% of homes were getting the average advertised speeds, and of course, around peak time, that's even worse.

"We want Ofcom to ensure consumers get the speeds promised by providers," said Which!!! executive director Richard Lloyd. "It is not good enough that millions of homes are so poorly served by their broadband provider with speeds that just don't live up to what was advertised."

The current rules state that an ISP has to make sure that 10% of their customers can achieve a top speed if they're going to use it in advertising. While Which!!! have shown that some packages can't meet that, it'd be better for customers if broadband providers had to reach much more than 10% to advertise their maximum speed.

Which!!! found that only 4% of customers on TalkTalk's 17Mbps package were getting the top advertised speed, and worse still, a mere 1% of those on BT's 76Mbps deals could get the top speed. Of course, the ISPs disputed all this.


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