Milkman thinks that Google Street View is just online shopping for burglars

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Not this old chestnut again? Sadly, yes. Some milkman who used to manage Bradford Park Avenue FC has pondered out loud, and somehow managed to make it onto the pages of various press publications about the chances of Google Street View playing a key role in a series of attempted burglaries on his home.

Gordon Rayner thinks that burglars may have used Street View to peer into his garage and steal the contents. Of course, Street View hasn't developed an X Ray Map, but rather, his garage door was wide open when one of Google's  cameramobiles rode through the streets of Bradford.

"People need to be aware of this: it's a serious invasion of privacy," Rayner tells The Register. "It's basically shopping online for these crooks."

Google, like with most people, blurred out his face and car's licence plate, but not the open garage.

Since then, someone has made off with his £350 bicycle and made other, unsuccessful attempts at breaking-in. This has left Rayner considering legal action against Google. I don't know how serious he is, but the fact he's got a bike worth £350 and is moaning about it and Google have probably got electric hover-unicorns that run on rainbow moisture, he'd be advised to have a big think about how his legal team would match up against theirs. It's not fair, but it is the way of the world.

Of course, one key issue here is that Google are more than willing to blur out anything you like at request.

"We do remove homes when requested, and always have," a company spokesman said. Each Street View pic includes a "report a problem" link for requesting removals.

Naturally, Rayner was completely unaware of this. In fact, he wasn't even aware that his house was on Street View until his neighbour's son pointed out the photo after the burglary had happened.

A Google spokesman told the Bradford Telegraph and Argus: “The imagery on Street View is no different to what anyone could readily capture or see by travelling down the street themselves. We’ve now launched Street View in around 20 countries and nowhere has there been any increase in crime as a result.”

Do you think that Street View is an invasion of your privacy, or do you only use it to wander around places you used to live to see if still looks the same?


  • PennyPincher
    "We’ve now launched Street View in around 20 countries and nowhere has there been any increase in crime as a result." The assumption that they can say with absolute accuracy that Street View is or is not contributing to crime, amongst countless other factors, is a stupidly naive comment. The people who oppose Street View are the same people who oppose ID cards, as well as all the other elements of Google's suspicious privacy policy. Personally I've got no problem,
  • hmmm
    Buglars. Don't trust 'em.
  • Timmo
    FUCKING BUGLERS??????????????
  • JonnySpandex
    What a load of bollocks! Silly old fuckers moaning about shit they don't understand...AGAIN!
  • zacspeed
    Twat! Why can't people take responsibility for their own actions?
  • David
    Sligh correction. He had a bike. He doesn't have it anymore.
  • Scott C.
    I think the posters above, and the original post, have missed the point somewhat.... This has got nothing to do with ID cards - a completely seperate issue. This isnt a privacy issue, but to do with facilitating acquiring information. Do I think street view has increased crime? Generally no - but it is very very naive to assume that at least one innovative criminal has had a look on it to get information that wouldnt otherwise be available. Of course, street view only gives info available by walking down the street - but it means that physical access is no longer required, and the state of that street at that particular time is stored indefinitely. Therefore, millions of people can now see the contents of the garage, as opposed to the couple who may have wandered past at that exact moment. This guy would never win such a lawsuit, and generally I have no issue with street view. However, it is extremely naive to think that: a) everyone knows what is on street view concerning them or their property b) everyone knows you can get this blurred out on request and; c) that burglars would never use the information on the internet to their advantage.
  • Grammar N.
    We're assuming that the scummy shitbags can afford a computer. No, no. Sorry, my mistake. The government is giving them out free now. Carry on, burglers.
  • Kevin N.
    Does he think Lex Luthor spends all his time looking at Google Street view to find things to steal? what a load of rubbish!!!
  • Ben
    Jesus christ. Even with the word 'burglars' written multiple times throughout the article, only Scott C managed to actually spell it right. Learn to spell, retards.
  • Xavier I.
    Totally with google here, burglars can also just walk down the streets and spot the same finding if the milkman garage is always open anyways. Streetview is amazing, why do we have to hear to these sort of anti-internet characters that don't appreciate the benefits of a better organised and populated web?????

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