Microsoft's OneDrive to muscle in on DropBox

microsoft-logo-retro Microsoft are generally feeling left out at the moment, hanging around on the periphery of the tech schoolyard, shouting about Office like anyone cares.

Now, they're getting back into boring-but-supremely-practical stuff, and looking to get in on the action owned by DropBox and Google Drive. Today, they announced the availability of their (rebranded) cloud storage, OneDrive.

You may remember it was called SkyDrive, but BSkyB sued them for that.

So what's it got going for it? Well, you get your first 7 gigabytes of storage for free. Like DropBox, you can get more if you refer it to a friend. Up to 5GB of free storage for that. You also get a further 3GB if you use the OneDrive camera backup feature.

"Five or 10 years from now, if you say that you lost a file, your kids will look at you funny," said Chris Jones, the Microsoft vice president in charge of the company's OS Services group. "It's not going to happen. That's the dream."

However, with Microsoft's many and varied balls-ups with security and data, they're going to have to win over a lot of friends if anyone is going to take this seriously.

That said, people who aren't using cloud storage may be won over by a big brand announcing their own. While Microsoft's reputation may be mud with some nerds, the public at large invariably aren't nearly as arsed. Could be just the thing to start making some new pals for Microsoft.

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  • Dropbox
    There's also a free 100GB offer today to relaunch the service under its new name. Keep 'em peeled.

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