Microsoft's new Windows Blue leaks online

Microsoft's new Windows OS, Windows Blue, has leaked online and there's a lot of block colours. This operating system is an early build and changes are afoot.

The first big change is that the live tiles are resizable and it all seems to be about more customisation for users. There also seems to be a picture frame mode, which means you can have a slideshow of images on your lock screen, a bit like Apple have been doing for a while.

This Windows Blue build also has Internet Explorer 11 tied up with it, which will have synced tabs as seen with Chrome and Safari. Basically, you can open the same tabs on whichever device you're using.

'Blue' will also allow users to swipe down the start screen to reveal installed apps, and there'll be a sound recorder app built-in for 'ambient noise'. It should be getting a release before Summer and you can see other screengrabs of the OS by clicking here.


  • Captain.Cretin
    It looks "lovely"; now where did I put my XP install disk??
  • Mr M.
    Does it work on a netbook yet? Presumably they're trying the Fifa model for their operating systems, once a year twice on special occasions.
  • Idi A.
    Another OS? Haven't they finished fucking up Win8 yet?
  • Chewbacca
    Windows 8 is barely out. What the actual fuck Microsoft?
  • Mancky
  • chewbacca
    Always good to see the morons pretending to be me because I've pointed out how stupid they are. Keep at it fellas! The more you tax your tiny brains trying to think about "witty" things to say to me, the less you're inflicting yourselves on everyone else. You utter fucking morons!
  • DragonChris
    Definitely Windows 8.1 Rather than milk the consumers further, could they not just apply these updates to the existing shite OS? Of course not, there's no money in that.

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