Microsoft Windows 8 preview

1 June 2012

Microsoft are stirring the interest pot with a preview of Windows 8, which of course, has to challenge Apple and Google in a bid to stay relevant. That said, pretty much every computer on Earth runs on Windows, but Microsoft needs to look to the future to keep up with the pack.

In Windows 8, it appears that Gates' company are trying to marry the classic XP/Vista operating system with something more tablety. With this, there's a new system called Metro which is more designed for casual browsing. If you want to use something like Photoshop, then you'll use it in the same way you always have.

With Metro, Microsoft have developed their own version of browsing by swiping and reviews have noted how stable and speedy it is. The company are crowing about its user-friendliness too, saying that 82 per cent found their way around the whole system within an hour of picking it up.

Is this Microsoft's renaissance?

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  • vibeone
    No... Metro is shite, and will alienate the majority of Microsofts userbase. Its Vista Mk 2.
  • Jeremy
    Is this Microsoft’s renaissance? No - and why does the guy keep poking the screen with his finger when he has a perfectly good mouse? Who cleans all the grease of his screen?
  • Mike H.
    Much like vibeone, this looks shit.
  • vibeone
    Mike big boy! Come and say that to my face and see what happens to your little botty! ;)
  • Alexis
    Great for the 99% of people who have either a) a computer and/or b) an iPad.
  • vibeone
    My fakes aren't funny, just like Mike. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  • vibeone
    Who the hell is vibeone?
  • vibeone
    Dunno, sounds like a cunt to me.
  • Betty S.
    Look like a gaping anus of mess
  • Mary H.
    Wow, I think MS have missed the point here. 99% of people who use windows, use it at work, where they don't really need all the social, media bullshit. They use their iPad when they get home for that kind of shit. The geeks still use XP so they don't give a fuck about all that shite.
  • Jeremy
    The geeks use Linux - so they don’t give a fuck about all that Windows shite.
  • Straighten
    Lets get 2 things straight: 1. Windows 8 *is* an improvement on Windows 7 2. MetroUI is *utter unadulterated SHITE* Been using Windows 8 since dev preview and the first thing i did was turn MetroUI off, hideous pile of shite that it is.
  • The M.
    Meh. MS is on the poor part of their OS cycle, after the relative decency of 7 (compared to vista), just hold out til win9 and hopefully all the bullshit will either be scaled back of you'll be able to get patches to nullify it.

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