Microsoft warns on bad bug infecting IE

Bitterwallet - Microsoft logoIf you're still using Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser, then let Bitterwallet be the first to congratulate you on finally buying a computer. Worked out what all the buttons do yet? Go you!

Anyway, if you're still using IE, you'll be thrilled to learn that Microsoft have issued a warning about a serious vulnerability in all versions of it. This is the skinny: The bug kicks in from a booby-trapped page which allows attackers to take control of your computer.

Microsoft have put out a makeshift workaround fix for the bug while they work on a permanent fix.

The Beeb report that the bug revolves around the way that IE manages your computer's memory when processing Cascading Style Sheets - technology that defines the way pages look online.

Criminals have long preyed on IE's great gaping security holes and this latest one allows them to put malicious code into the stream of instructions when a browser is being used. Microsoft has produced updates that improves memory management but these probably won't work when older parts of Windows are called upon.

In a statement Microsoft said it was "investigating" the bug and while you wait for them to sort it out, they recommended that you use the catchily named Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit to protect your computer.

Of course, this will be a massive ballache as you'll invariably have to update the version of the operating system you're using.

"As vulnerabilities go, this kind is the most serious as it allows remote execution of code," said Rik Ferguson, senior security analyst at Trend Micro, "This means the attacker can run programs, such as malware, directly on the victim's computer. It is highly reminiscent of a vulnerability at the same time two years ago which prompted several national governments to warn against using IE and to switch to an alternative browser."


  • JJ
    Who uses IE in 2010? Jesus wept.
  • bill g.
    I do. dick head
  • PokeHerPete
    @BitterWallet, this blog doesn't look right in IE6. Please fix.
  • Paul
    @pokeherpete It also breaks in Chrome...
  • jon
    I do. IE9 best browser by far.
  • The B.
    Is this not an old bug (at least 6 months) or is this a new variation on the same bug?

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