Microsoft to start streaming music through SkyDrive?

Eagle-eyed bores have spied a line of code in the SkyDrive HTML source that seems to suggest that Microsoft are going to start streaming music through their cloud service.

Not only that, there's been leaked images of music player controls, but these haven't been verified.

The code references a 'MusicPlayer', which seems like Microsoft are going for something similar to iTunes Match.

Microsoft have previously confirmed that Xbox Music will soon be offering cloud storage which enables users to add songs that they own from elsewhere to their Xbox Music catalogue, and this looks like part of the same thing.

Obviously, Microsoft are keeping mum about this, so there's no word on when this gets released, if indeed, it gets released at all.

Microsoft will be making announcements at CES 2013 no doubt, so we'll keep our eyes peeled. And ears. If that's possible.


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