Microsoft to revamp Internet Explorer

internet-explorer Remember in the bronze age when everyone used Internet Explorer to get online? Well, since then, a myriad of alternatives emerged which everyone preferred. The only people who used it were those who are the kind of people ripe for being scammed online.

Well, again, Microsoft have been playing around with it and decided that they want to push it to the fore again, this time, with a new, streamlined browser. Chrome and Safari won't be losing sleep over it, just yet.

In previous years, Microsoft have considered changing the name of their browser in a bid to distance themselves from the bad experience that was IE. This could be happening with the new one, and at the moment, the codename for the project is 'Spartan'.

The first look at the new browser will be January 21st when Microsoft shows off their new Windows 10 operating system. Whether it'll be ready in time to be released alongside their new product is another matter. One thing Microsoft will need to do, is to ensure that the new browser looks great on all mobile devices, or else there's very little point in them doing it.

One rumour is that Spartan will support extensions, like FireFox and Chrome. They need to think of a better name than Spartan too, because that's an ugly word that won't get people excited.

The question is - can anyone release a new internet browser that will be significantly different enough to persuade you away from Chrome and Safari now?

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  • Johhno
    SAprtan will be a good name if the browser gets rid of all Microsoft's usual bloat-tags and bewildering array of finicky buttons up top. Just like Chrome five years ago!!! And then Safari, Opera, eventually FIrefox...

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