Microsoft to merge with Adobe?

8 October 2010

Bitterwallet - Microsoft stores. Meh.It looks like Microsoft and Adobe are talking about merging. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, and Shantanu Narayen, Adobe’s CEO, met up to talk about the two companies having closer ties with each other.

It has been suggested that this buddying up could help Microsoft challenge Apple and Google in the smartphone market, because we all know how badly the last attempt went.

It's been reported that Ballmer and Narayen met for an hour and for the main part, the two discussed how Microsoft and Adobe could challenge Apple in the smartphone market. As iPhones don't support Adobe's Flash software, that means Microsoft could potentially provide a smartphone which allows users to watch much more video and play interactive games.

It seems that Microsoft has considered a partnership before, but the major concern was that they would fall foul of monopoly legislation. Thanks to the sheer size of Google and Apple, a partnership between Microsoft and Adobe might be allowed to go-ahead.

Neither company are willing to talk about the meeting, but could this spell trouble for Google and Apple, or is it a case of two desperate companies making a lunge for the telephone market?

More news when we get it.

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  • Alexis
    Flash is bloated crap though.
  • Michael
    @Alexis - so is Windows
  • Scarborian
    Not a cat in hells chance. Anyway, M$ have Silverlight which they are still trying to get into more devices. And with HTML 5 supporting video you don't need Flash for that, you need that just so you can play whatever farm or fishtank thing people are currently obsessed with. There's also a huge cross-over in technology, especially on the server side of things.
  • StauntonLick
    Regardless, there's a hell of a lot of content out there for it. I've always thought Apple's decision to outright not support Flash, rather than attempt any kind of phase out, was a bit bull-headed, but a lot of people seem to get by OK. I'm not sure I'd be happy with such a locked-down web browsing experience, especially when it comes to watching video on one of the hundreds of sites that aren't Youtube.
  • StauntonLick
    Although, having said that, I doubt Microsoft have the design talent to come up with anything as "sexy" and appealing to consumers as Apple have done countless times already. I can't remember a Microsoft or Adobe product ever being truly desirable; more likely a necessary evil.
  • Howard M.
    Does this mean that MSPaint will get an upgrade?
  • Nobby
    Microsoft + adobe = Microbe.
  • Father J.
    Arse! Three years ago, Apple were said to be hawking Final Cut for sale so (the rumour went) THEY could buy Adobe and not be referred to the US equivalent of the Monopolies Commission because they'd then own both Final Cut AND Premiere.
  • FUCK B.
    You do know that Bill Gates has like a 40% share is apple?
  • Michael
    I heard they were a FlashMob
  • Marky M.
    @ Fuck Bitterwallet That's total garbage. The biggest non-Apple shareholder is a Saudi Prince who has no more than 4%. In the mid 90s when Apple were strapped for cash, Apple gave Microsoft some non-voting shares in exchange for $150m cash and to settle some long-running legal disputes. Microsoft no longer owns any of shares, though some of their pension managers may, as general good investment policy (along with plenty of other tech companies).
  • Hany M.
    i believe that if such a merge happen it will save a lot of money that Microsoft in investing in Silver light to compete Flash and alot of effort they are doing in the ECM domain with the Share point since Adobe just acquired one of the largest WCM [Day Software ] and they have their own BPM Adobe LiveCycle. I hope this happen so they can divert the investment in the R&D more into the cloud computing and mobile applications [ Adobe has its own cloud based application ]
  • Mr C.
    Boring, buy their shares if you know so much ya wanker
  • Andrew C.
    What I've heard that makes this unlikely is not only the pure size of this acquisition, but because Microsoft is trying to move to the "cloud" computing and Adobe doesn't really allow them to do that.

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