Microsoft to deliver 'social networking' handsets

6 April 2010

project_pink1Apple. Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple Apple. Everyone is in the middle of a great big circle jerk over the Jobs & Co. thanks to the iPad and the fourth-gen iPhone which is due out whenever.

Bill Gates is obviously getting a bit jealous of all the attention flung the way of people who make Smartphones. Google get more press than out Bill these days.

That could be about to change though as Microsoft want in on the phone market. The project, which has the code name of Project Pink, will see Microsoft announcing their first range of mobile phones which, apparently, will be manufactured by Sharp. Central to the new gizmos will be social networking.

Apparently, there's going to be two handsets available. One is dubbed the 'Turtle', the other 'Pure'.

It seems that the interface will share some elements with Windows Phone 7, with some kind of social networking edge to it (hence the slide out keyboard). We could be looking at a launch date of late April, although, that said, there's nothing official on this from Microsoft, so don't hold your breath.

The real question/thing to speculate over is: Do we need a Microsoft phone with a keyboard on it? If the price is cheap on this, then it could make a big impact on the market - if not, then it's got the established iPhone to deal with.



  • Biffy
    Really good idea and I definitely see it taking off providing the handsets are Android powered.
  • Joff
    Some people like to have a physical keyboard on their handsets. Can't see it myself but if that's what float's their boat. Any devices need to be social network independent - I'm sure MS would be so silly as to unveil a Facebook/twitter handset, only for one of those to become yesterday's news. I wonder if they would push users onto their own equivalent network (if they have one)
  • Andy B.
  • Bob
    The one on the left looks like a Phonic Frog. Fail!
  • Duncan S.
    Bill Gates? Who he?
  • Jimbo
    @Joff, As far as I know Microsoft still have a stake in facebook
  • Manny
    Unless Microsoft releases this with a very attention-grabbing price, they would need a lot of marketing effort for the market to bite this one. Design-wise? Leaves much to be desired.
  • Mr G.
    Made by Microsoft and Sharp... would they be delivered by Trabant? Not exactly partners renowned for high quality - I would hope they'll go for loooooow price. Or maybe MS can step up to the mark, having finally produced a decent OS... after a bit of practice.
  • delrio
    those things look like those text messaging gidgets that appeared in many teen movies a few years back and judging from the number of people that use their mobiles to access facebook these days, this strikes a little of filling a niche that doesn't exist. seems to be quite the trend
  • ‘Kin B.
    [...] phone that has been the stuff of rumour and speculation on, er, social networks and elsewherem (like here) over the past few [...]

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