Microsoft to buy Yammer, despite no-one having really heard of it?

Yammer-logoIt looks like Microsoft are going to throw $1bn at a thing called Yammer that no-one has really heard of, which is nice. Obviously, Bill Gates wants to show that Mark Zuckerberg that the older boys in the yard can throw their money around willy-nilly too.

Microsoft are playing it cool though.

In a statement, the company said: "Microsoft does not comment on rumour or speculation."

This of course, gives everyone carte blanche to say what they like about Microsoft if they're in the business of not speculating on rumours. We've heard that they're going to buy Bolton Wanderers for $100bn and turn them into an army of robot assassins.

Should GatesCo buy Yammer, they'll join messaging service Skype who were snapped up a while ago. Of course, Microsoft may not want to actually develop Yammer, rather, buy it to kill it off.

We've no idea, but the mutterings are loud on this one.


  • Tweedskin
    Bill Gates hasn't worked for Microsoft for a mean Steve Ballmer. Who is just a fatter, balder, more alive Steve Jobs.
  • Me
    Rubbish articles = Mof!
  • Bob
    Yep crap article. Look into business usage increases in social media. Saw an interesting one for a big restaurant chain to share and swap new lines quickly and modify them. It saved them a fortune with a quick turn around.
  • Bob
    These are closed to the general public by the way.
  • foxes
    Thanks for sharing this important news. There's a rumour that an ex-employee is possibly involved in the purchase of something.
  • MC Y.
    yammer what a pile of shite ! urger to sign up in work - even more fecking dross than faceache - which it looks like - soon deactivated as almost as benal as BW
  • zax
    Agree with Tweedskin. Mof, Bill Gates is well retired. Da geezer dont run Microsoft no more.
  • Stop.
    Yammer Time.

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